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Appward Business Management and Collaboration Workspace

The apps platform your organization deserves

Software companies don’t understand your business. From one group you get a rigid solution that requires expensive and time-consuming implementation. From the other you get a hodgepodge of disconnected applications. We feel your pain.

Appward delivers a smart set of over 80 apps in a blazing-fast private workspace that helps you manage and improve every function in your organization, including projects, ERP, operations, quality, employees, CRM, messaging and more.

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A collaboration workspace for your entire organization

Your organization’s ability to thrive depends on how well your people work together on complex projects, respond quickly to changes, course correct and make improvements. To do these things effectively, you need more than a disconnected messaging platform linking to where you actually do your work.

Appward provides over 80 powerful business apps that integrate every department and employee in your organization. Plus, all apps promote focused collaboration through messaging, @-mentions, direct AppShare™ links and other features that bring you straight to the front lines of the action.

Access your front lines with a click

Everything your organization does is connected. Your apps should be too. The messages, files, checklists, approvals, time logs and other items related to your work are too often scattered across documents, shared folders and disconnected software.

Appward brings all the relevant information together to the front lines, organizing and integrating your messaging, documents, approvals, checklists, and analytics and more, right in the context of the work at hand. Plus, whenever your attention is needed, notifications bring you straight to the action with a single click, linking directly to the related records in projects, leads, sales orders and any of the 80+ apps on the platform.

Appward All-in-One Project Management Front Line Features
Appward for building better organizations

Made for building better organizations

We come from a background rooted in creating high-performing organizations with a strong employee culture. Grounded in this business DNA, we built Appward with a focus on helping owners, managers and employees create great organizations. While it isn’t always a walk in the park, using the right approach you can reach new levels of performance, quality and team morale.

We designed every Appward app in support of these core principles:

  • Establish consistent processes
  • Promote collaboration and focused communication
  • Facilitate and award ongoing improvements
  • Embrace transparency and traceability
  • Document and utilize institutional knowledge

Develop custom apps that work the way you need

You have a business to run, with plenty of challenges each day. The last thing you and your people need are additional hurdles caused by inflexible software.

Using the Appward low-code development environment and LiveSocket™ on-the-fly technology, you can edit the functionality of our apps or rapidly build from scratch to address your unique processes and workflows. Plus, you can develop apps 95% faster compared to traditional development. Learn more about Appward Development apps.

Appward low-code development environment
Appward Management and Collaboration Software Priced for Small Business

Priced for small business, built for growth

Until now, you had to choose between expensive, inflexible all-in-one platforms, and a hodgepodge of apps whose collective cost make them an expensive proposition.

Whether you rely on a variety of business software applications, have invested in an expensive solution that’s never really worked for you, or are just starting out, Appward gives you an all-in-one business suite of over 80 apps that outperform on performance, flexibility and price. See pricing details here.