Your business is special.

Why settle for software made for the ordinary?

The apps platform your business deserves

Software companies don’t understand your business. That’s why a rigid, one-size-fits-all software solution never seems to work. We feel your pain.

Appward delivers a unified platform and smart set of apps that help you manage the most important parts of your business—productivity, CRM, people, operations, quality, manufacturing and supply chain.

But you know more about your business than we do. That’s why we give you source-code for our apps and a low-code development environment, empowering you to easily expand upon them. If something’s still missing, you can quickly create new apps in a fraction of the time needed for typical app development.
You’ll remain in control—always.

Bring it all together

Relying on separate platforms to manage productivity, collaboration, operations, quality and manufacturing is a major headache and inefficient.

Get a 360º view of your business with a unified platform of business apps that doesn’t require you to pay for expensive integrations or manually copying and pasting data.

Get everyone on the same page

Your business just works better when your people are aware of what’s going on. Access to real-time information helps everyone leverage each other’s work and achieve a common set of goals.

Appward is designed to prevent silos from forming in your company, and the duplication of work which ultimately drags down efficiency and profitability.

We deliver more than 50 powerful business apps which tightly integrate your business and your people so that they can all succeed.

Make your apps work for you

You have a business to run, with plenty of challenges each day. The last thing you and your people need are additional hurdles caused by inflexible software.

Using the Appward low-code development environment and LiveSocket™ on-the-fly technology, you can edit the functionality of our apps or rapidly build from scratch to address your unique processes and workflows.

Priced for small business, built for growth

Until now, you had to choose between expensive, inflexible all-in-one platforms, and a hodgepodge of apps whose collective cost make them an expensive proposition.

Whether you’re relying on various individual management products, have invested in an expensive solution that’s never really worked for you, or are just starting out, Appward gives you an all-inclusive suite of over 60 apps that outperform on performance, flexibility and price.