Get your apps together

for $40 per month

Most software companies make you pay for a lot of things you don’t need and don’t use.

We think you’re smart enough to decide which apps you need to run your business, so we take a different approach to pricing and packaging for Appward software.

Starting at $40 per user per month

Appward gives you a core set of over 30 powerful apps for managing tasks, meetings, documents, employee performance, training, internal knowledge and more.

Manage every aspect of your business

Use App Credits to activate additional apps for individual employees of your organization. App Credits are the exchange used for activating apps for each user on a monthly basis.

Only pay for what you use

App Credits are available for purchase as needed. This lets you choose the apps you want for your business and ensures you only pay for what you activate.

Each month, your organization receives 50 App Credits for deploying additional apps to employees.

Introduce new apps to your organization with the flexibility of deploying to an individual, a department or to your entire organization.

Your organization’s admin can use these credits to deploy dozens of additional apps across your organization at no extra charge. If your organization outgrows the included App Credits, you can purchase more.

Appward Core

Monthly subscription includes +30 Apps

50 App Credits

Monthly subscription includes 50 App Credits per user

Extra App Credits

Bulk buy extra App Credits for your organization

App Credit Pricing
QuantityPrice per credit

Pricing and app credit cost subject to change

Apps and Credit Price per month

Core apps included with every seat

Actions 1
Admin 1
Announcement Director 5
Announcements 1
Article​ Creator 5
Articles 1
Boards​ 5
Calendar​ 1
Companies 1
Contacts 1
Conversations 1
Documents​ 2
File Explorer 3
Follows 1
Forums​ 2
Insights​ 2
Meetings​ 2
Notes​ 1
Notifications 1
Roles 1
Whiteboards 1

Drawings 4
Inventory​ 4
Kitting​ 4
Parts​ 4
Work Order Director 40
Work Orders 5

Departments 1
Employees 1
Expenses​ 3
Goals​ 1
Positions​ 1
Progress Reports 1
Recruiting​ 10
Review Creator 3
Reviews 1
Safety​ 10
Shoutouts​ 1
Skills 3
Suggestions​ 1
Survey Director​ 3
Surveys 1
Time Off​ 1
Time Tracker 1
Training Director​ 5
Training​ 1
Trips 5
Wage Calculator 1

Audits 7
Certifications​ 6
Changes​ 2
Inspections​ 5
Problems 2

Assets 2
Budgets 2
Deliveries​ 1
Licenses 1
Locations 1
Maintenance Director 5
Maintenance 1
Markups​ 5
Pinpoint​ 3
Portal Creator 10
Projects​ 5
Purchase Orders 3
Purchase Requests​ 1
Receiving​ 3
Report Builder 5
Sales Orders​ 3
Scheduling 5
Shipping 3
Special Events​ 5
Ticket Director 5
Tickets 1

Installations​ 5
Leads​ 5
Pricing​ 1
Support Contracts​ 5
Territories 5