Let’s keep pricing simple

Business is complicated enough

Get your apps together starting at $20 per month

We take a straight-forward approach to pricing so you know exactly what to expect and aren’t hit with surprises. Starting at $20 per user month, users in your organization gain access to the Appward workspace and over a dozen apps designed for focused business collaboration, task management and messaging. You select the additional apps you need, the amount of storage and you’re off to the races with training and support included.

Select a software plan

Start by choosing an app plan that best fits the individual user

Add additional apps

Manage and improve every aspect of your organization with Adder bundles and a la carte apps

Choose storage

Organization accounts include storage at no additional charge but can be expanded as your needs grow

Receive training

Receive two hours of training for your organization at no charge to make onboarding easy for admins and users


Choose the Appward software plan for individual users in your organization. The first user in your account receives all apps in the Team Leader plan at the Starter price of $20 per month.



per user per month

  • Actions
  • Articles
  • Boards
  • Calendars
  • Companies
  • Contacts
  • Conversations
  • Documents
  • File Explorer
  • Follows
  • Forums
  • Insights
  • Meetings
  • Notes
  • Notifications
  • Whiteboards



per user per month

Everything in Starter, plus:

  • Announcements
  • Departments
  • Expenses
  • Goals
  • Progress Reports
  • Reviews
  • Shoutouts
  • Suggestions
  • Surveys
  • Time Off
  • Training
  • Safety Sheets
  • Special Events
  • Tickets
  • Work Orders

Team Leader


per user per month

Everything in Teammate, plus:

  • Admin
  • Announcement Director
  • Assets
  • Budgets
  • Checklist Creator
  • Deletions
  • Employees
  • Locations
  • Positions
  • Recruiting
  • Report Builder
  • Roles
  • Safety Incidents
  • Skills
  • Special Events Director
  • Survey Director
  • Training Director
  • Wages

All In


per user per month

All Apps


Appward App Adders include bundles of apps that unlock powerful management features for every function in your organization. You can deploy App Suites and individual apps to individuals, departments or to your entire organization.


+ $10 USD

per user per month

Your first account includes Admin features at no extra charge. Admin Adder provides access to additional users for creating new users, defining roles and managing other administrator functions.

  • Admin
  • Roles
  • Deletions

Continuous Improvement

+ $5 USD

per user per month

Apps a la carte

Select apps to add to any product plan to individualize apps for any user in your organization.

Announcement Director $5
Announcements $2
Notifications $1

Installations $4
Leads $5
Support Contracts $4
Territories $5

Departments $2
Employees $4
Expenses $3
Goals $4
Positions $2
Progress Reports $2
Recruiting $5
Reviews $2
Safety Incidents $2
Shoutouts $1
Skills $1
Suggestions $1
Survey Director $2
Surveys $1
Time Off $1
Training $3
Training Director $5
Trips $2
Wages $3

Assets $2
Budgets $1
Deliveries $1
Licenses $1
Locations $1
Maintenance $3
Maintenance Director $5
Markups $2
Pinpoint $2
Projects $5
Purchase Orders $3
Purchase Requests $1
Receiving $3
Safety Sheets $1
Sales Orders $3
Shipping $2
Special Events $1
Special Events Director $3
Ticket Director $4
Tickets $1

Audits $3
Certifications $2
Changes $2
Inspections $2
Problems $2

Drawings $2
Inventory $4
Parts $2
Work Order Director $5
Work Orders $4

Source Code $150
App Builder $5
App Tours $5
Checklist Creator $1
Database Manager $5
Queries $5
Report Builder $5
Script Hub $1

Storage and infrastructure

All organization accounts come with extremely fast cloud file and database storage. As your needs grow, you can expand your organization’s file storage, access to integrations and other powerful features.



per month

Included at no extra charge:

  • 25 GB cloud storage
  • Unlimited database storage
  • Video calls
  • Microsoft 365 & Google integrations



per month

Everything from Starter plus:

  • 100 GB cloud storage



per month

Everything in Standard plus:

  • 500 GB cloud storage



per month

Everything in Premium plus:

  • 1 TB cloud storage


Setting up and using Appward is quick and intuitive, but we also include two hours of training for your organization at no charge to make onboarding easy for admins and users. If you’d like more, we provide additional training at an affordable price.

2 Hours


8 Hours


40 Hours


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