Whether you are hiring once or twice every so often or hiring 10 or more employees every six months, keeping track of where a candidate is within your process can be disconnected and complicated to manage. Manually tracking a candidate from when they submit an application through the interview process until a decision is made to extend an offer requires a lot of time and effort from your team.

Appward’s Recruiting App simplifies tracking applicants throughout your hiring process and unifies each stage of a candidate’s journey. Whether you are needing easily access all applicant information and view all associated documents or loop in multiple people to interview and approve a candidate, our Recruiting App brings together your process and helps alleviate those pesky hiring headaches.

Connecting each step of your hiring process

  • Easily add a new job opening by linking it from Positions for an integrated experience across apps
  • Clearly view your job postings description, requirements and the job boards where your post is being hosted on
  • Import and quickly access all candidates who have submitted applications

Centralizing an applicant’s hiring process

  • Add or cross-check an applicant with Contacts to see if your team has been in touch with them before
  • Easy to fill out fields for each applicant and get quick links to all associated social media
  • Set a status for each applicant to see where they are within your hiring process visually
  • Store all related documentation like resumes, school transcripts, assignments, interview notes and recordings per candidate

Include other team members to be part of the interview and approval stages

  • Log and view interview notes from multiple interviewers
  • Access any files associated with an interview in a single window
  • Generate an approval process with others within your organization
  • Send notifications to approvers to remind them to submit their thoughts

Recruiting App Features

  • Auto-populate job descriptions and hiring requirements through Positions
  • Use the HTML editor to modify and update the job posting description and requirements
  • Select who will be responsible for hiring for the position
  • List and select from the places where the opening has been posted, such as ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, Indeed, and other job boards.
  • Indicate whether the open role is currently active or not
  • Specify how many people are needed for the open position
  • Quickly see how many applicants have applied for a position
  • Log the dates when an open position was requested and when the hiring needs to take place
  • Generate a pdf or Excel report of all applicant information for a particular open position
  • Crosscheck applicants with your existing Contacts to see if they have applied before
  • Record the date you first contacted each applicant
  • Organize applicants by setting their status as Scheduling Interview, Interviewing, Pending Review, Pending Approval, Offer Extended, or Closed
  • View each applicant’s profile individually
  • Quickly determine an applicant’s interview stage
  • Identify the source of an application submission
  • Get a quick overview of an applicant’s key details like residency, schooling, work experience, and contact information
  • Link social media accounts to each applicant’s profile
  • Ensure compliance by logging equal opportunity information for each applicant
  • Take notes on an applicant’s disposition to track their progress through the hiring process
  • Collaborate with team members by communicating within each applicant’s profile
  • Attach applicant documentation, such as references and letters of recommendation to their profile
  • Upload resumes directly to an applicant’s profile.
  • Store all schooling information in one place, including transcripts, years of education, GPA, and degree type
  • Keep all interview notes in an applicant’s profile, even notes from multiple interviewers
  • Set up an approval process for hiring decisions and notify approvers for feedback and decision making
  • Log all notes associated with an applicant to ensure no detail is missed
  • Add @-mentions to send Notifications to team members regarding an applicant within each candidate’s profile
  • Like messages in Posts with a single click of the thumbs-up icon to automatically trigger a Notification
  • Attach documents, images, media and AppShare direct deep links to any record to and from any Appward app.
  • Enlarge any attached document, image or media by double-clicking the file
  • Edit your message by clicking on the pencil icon if you need to modify or update your not
  • Authors of each message posted can delete their own comments

Centralize your hiring process and unify decision-makers to ensure you are hiring the right people for your business.