Buckle up and take Appward for a spin!

Do you find that most software companies force you to sign-up and setup a demonstration meeting before they actually let you see their product? Pretty frustrating. Well, not Appward. We believe in friction-free discovery of our product, so we’ve created a cool self-guided Test Drive demonstration that lets you experience the platform and our apps on your own.  

Jump into the driver’s seat

When you log into the Test Drive, you’ll be interacting as an imaginary employee of Test Drive LLC, and will have full access to 80 apps and capabilities within the platform. We’ve populated most apps with examples so that you can see how the different apps and features work.

Feel free to interact with the existing records, and add new records, but try not to delete anything existing. Note that other customers will be using the same Test Drive, so if you add records or content, expect that other customers might see them. So, please be professional with your content additions.

One last thing. From the time you enter your workspace, and along the way, you’ll be presented with Help guides and videos that will give you information about the platform, apps, and Frontline features. Our goal is to give you lots of information so that you can be an informed customer.