Get your apps together.

Increase collaboration, efficiency and streamline processes with a powerful suite of apps on a unified platform.


Foster collaboration and increase efficiency across your team with a suite of apps that help everyone stay in sync and improve excellent time and task management.


From simple to-do’s to multi-step processes, assign and manage responsibilities across your team from a variety of apps.


Make sure everyone in your organization or department gets the memo with immediate or scheduled announcements.


Request, accept, and manage appointments with your team members with integration to your calendar.


Build a comprehensive and collaborative knowledgebase that highlights talent and shares skills within your growing company.


Manage and track projects in a collaborative Kanban board that keeps your team on-schedule and in the know.


Take control of your schedule with an intuitive and unified calendar app that makes time-management easy.


Keep track of conversations with customers, prospects, vendors and others, with integrations across other Appward CRM apps.


Enable real-time collaboration with platform-wide messaging to co-workers and groups.


Engage a connected workforce with collaborative forums built-in to your suite of apps.


Centralize and control access to documents with configurable access and editing permissions.


Get immediate access to real-time analytics and configurable dashboards for projects, sales, deals and more.


Run your most effective meetings by capturing minutes, assigning action items and setting reminders.


Draft, organize, and share your ideas with note-taking tools that encourage collaboration.


Optimize project management with a Gantt chart for scheduling and assigning tasks, and tracking progress.

Time Tracker

Track billable work hours and timesheets for invoicing and documenting work for clients.


Cultivate customer relationships and manage forecasts and pipeline using an engaging, adaptable repertoire of apps that enriches your selling strategies and transforms leads into sales.


Centralize contact information for your customer’s organization with tools for logging communication history to foster lasting connections.


Forge deeper relationships with customers by tracking interactions across email, meetings, deals and orders.


Cultivate and maximize sales pipeline from lead to purchase and beyond.


Manage field work and maintenance for product and service installations.


Compose, share, and send emails with all-in-one integration across your platform.


Formulate and send sales quotes to your customers using a singular, streamlined app.

Support Contracts

Create and maximize the value of service level agreements for both you and your customers with programable alerts and customizations.


Visualize the location of any of your business resources, including resellers, customers, installations, physical assets and employees.


Deliver premium support to your customers, track their issues and share resolutions with your team.


Your people are your most precious resource, so it’s important you attract and retaining the best talent. Secure and motivate your dream team by providing an engaging and consistent recruiting, onboarding and evaluation experience with a platform that streamlines and automates the management of your human resources.


Document and catalog personal and employment information about your team.

Expense Reports

Automate your expense management process from the creation of reports to approval and processing.


Empower employees with an individualized growth-tracking tool that motivates productivity and learning.


Take control of your search for talent by organizing applicants, resumes, supporting documents, interview notes and approvals.


Easily create, update, and configure employee assignments and permissions.


Keep track of safety within your company, and all safety incidents.


Optimize your resources for current and upcoming projects by understanding the skills and certifications of your workforce.


Encourage collaboration and an involved company culture using a suggestions app with configurable privacy adaptations.


Increase team engagement, collect feedback and get insight into team sentiment using surveys.

Time Off

Manage your employee time-off requests to maintain visibility into schedules and hourly balance.


Create and evaluate intuitive training courses for onboarding new hires, honing your team’s skills, and ensuring compliance.


Construct efficient processes to complete projects with optimization and agility. Distribute time, resources, and manpower in meaningful ways that maximize your output.


Track organizational assets, their use, maintenance, location, cost, date acquired and more to maximize your investments.


Keep assets and installations in optimum condition with a streamlined app for specifications, scheduling, history and notifications.


Schedule, monitor and manage labor resources by Project or Work Order to maximize your productivity.


View your floor plans with the locations of employees, assets, and work orders.

Sales Orders

Closely communicate with your organization’s customers and clients to act quickly on orders.


Maintain the quality and reputation of your products and services by managing your quality policies, standard operating procedures, quality documentation, requirements, auditing procedures and nonconformance activities.


Plan, schedule and execute audits of your processes to ensure safety and compliance with internal and industry policies.


Document, communicate and implement changes to products, designs or processes.


Ensure quality standards with stepped inspection checklists, specification reference, problem log and report exports.


Document and address issues across your organization using a streamlined non-conformance reporting system.


Reinvent, coordinate, and optimize your manufacturing processes using real-time tools. Always be equipped to adapt to change and address issues as they happen.


Catalog engineering drawings with tools that document revisions, changes and other key information.

Labor Tracking

Document and measure time spent on projects, installations, updates and more.


Optimize your supply chain with a view of the items and services purchased for your organization.


Coordinate any size project with efficient tools that unifies deliverables, documents, responsibilities, timelines and more.

Work Orders

Create, execute and monitor work orders with detailed instructions, resource assignment and time tracking.

Supply Chain

Acquire eagle-eye oversight over the steps in your supply chain. Support active communication with your team and partners and effortlessly follow your products as they are processed.


Maintain optimal stock levels and provide up-to-date visibility across your organization.

Purchase Orders

Execute and track the status of your vendor and supplier purchases.

Purchase Requests

Allow your team to make purchases with a streamlined process of requesting, accepting, and ordering.


Document times, dates and locations of shipments received by your organization.


Oversee all shipments sent out of your organization with acute, real-time accuracy.


Quickly design, customize and deploy apps that work the way your business needs using our patented, on-the-fly, low-code development platform. From basic table-based apps to apps that take advantage of multi-stepped processes, scripts, notifications and other platform capabilities, create the tools to make your business better with Appward.

App Creator

Build your own custom app to do exactly what you need in an ultra-fast, low-code environment.

Checklist Creator

Define stepped process and checklist templates that can be used in any app.

Database Manager

Access database tables to understand and manipulate data structure and format.


Write and test requests for recalls, calculations, comparisons and combinations of data, as well as adding, changing, or deleting.

Report Creator

Generate and export nicely formatted reports from databases within your apps.

Script Hub

Create a library of scripts for your apps that can automate processes including query interaction, validating data, triggering alerts and more.

Table Builder

Quickly create and configure tables and table-based apps connected to any data source in your organization.