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Manage and improve every aspect of your business with an all-in-one software solution with over 80 apps


Foster collaboration and increase efficiency across your team with a suite of apps that help everyone stay in sync and improve excellent time and task management.


From simple to-do’s to multi-step processes, assign and manage responsibilities across your team from a variety of apps.

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  • We find it challenging to keep track of all tasks and responsibilities associated with operational and project-related work
  • Our managers struggle with effectively assigning and prioritizing tasks, making it difficult to identify critical ones that require immediate attention
  • Important information is not being promptly shared among our team members, leading to misunderstandings and delays
  • It’s frustrating for us to track task progress and manage accountability, resulting in missed deadlines and incomplete tasks.
  • Resource allocation becomes a challenge for our team without visibility into the workload of individuals and the availability of team members
  • We lack a comprehensive overview of ongoing tasks, their statuses, and performance metrics, making it difficult to make informed decisions
  • Effortlessly create, assign, and manage operational and project tasks with customized action types that align with how you run your business
  • Quickly and effectively assign tasks, communicate responsibilities, and set deadlines
  • Utilize standardized checklists to Maintain consistency and quality across projects and throughout your organization
  • Update task stages and quickly reference the progress of actions within a Kanban Board View
  • Gain insights for improved task management and resource allocation

Announcement Director

Create and dispatch important announcements, ensuring that all team members are aligned and informed.

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• We rely on various forms of communication, such as emails, physical message boards, and paper memos
• Our employees often overlook or skim through important updates or memos leading to misunderstandings or missed information
• The traditional communication channels we use, like email or physical notices, don’t guarantee consistent reach to all employees, especially those who work in different locations or shifts
• In the past, we lacked an easy-to-use method for personalizing and previewing announcements before dispatching them
• It’s difficult for us to track whether employees have received or acknowledged important updates or memo

• Centralize and dispatch messages companywide for consistent and widespread communication
• Utilize the HTML editor to personalize and stylize announcements
• Send announcements immediately or schedule them for later deployment
• Set up recurring announcements for regular updates, saving time and effort
• Track views and acknowledgments to ensure accountability and enable follow-up actions
• Collaborate with team members to refine announcement messages, ensuring consistent and impactful communication prior to sending


Make sure everyone in your organization or department gets the memo with announcements.

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• We don’t have a way to view created announcements.
• Our employees often overlook or skim through important updates or memos leading to misunderstandings or missed information.
• Conventional channels like email or paper notices don’t effectively reach all employees, especially those in different locations or shifts.
• Currently, we lack a method to foster stronger relationships among team members.

• Centralize important companywide messages for consistent and widespread communication.
• View all the important details of an announcement such as title, description, type, and author.
• Collaborate with team members on announcement messages for consistent and effective messaging before sending.
• Strength team member relationships through meaningful and effective announcements.


Build a comprehensive and collaborative knowledgebase that highlights talent and shares skills within your growing company.

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  • My company has an extensive knowledge base of documentation and we need a way to manage and organize our resources
  • We want to publish the best possible articles for our team members and customers, equipped with as much flexibility to format and insert media as we need
  • I want my team to collaborate and contribute to the content we publish because their voices are important
  • Every employee should be up to date on the latest documentation and standards of our company
  • Information should not only be accessible, but organized and routinely updated as well
  • Keep an organized, accessible knowledge base with categorized articles for quick searching and filtering
  • Publish new articles with configurable privacy settings to control who can see or edit what article
  • Let your team members know when updates to articles are made so that they are always aware of the newest information
  • Promote collaboration and contribution from your employees to gain valuable intelligence from different perspectives
  • Share your knowledge with the world with emailed links or downloadable PDF’s


Manage and track projects in a collaborative Kanban board that keeps your team on-schedule and in the know.

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• Our team manages all our projects with spreadsheets and are continuously missing information.

• We struggle to prioritize tasks or identify bottlenecks, that slow down the overall progress of the project.

• We rely on emails and meetings to stay in communication on projects which results in us delaying or missing our deadlines.

• It’s becoming increasingly complicated to see when deliverables are ready and or need to be reviewed.

• It’s difficult for our management team track progress and understand the status of a project.

• When managing projects, we struggle to keep track of which employee is assigned which task.

• There’s lack of ownership and responsibility for certain tasks within a project, making it challenging to hold team members accountable for their work.

• Customizable Kanban boards to fit your specific needs and provide a clear view of what tasks are in progress, what has been completed, and what needs to be done next.

• Create cards within a board to breakdown all elements associated with an overall project for more manageable tasks and to easily prioritize work items.

• Quickly see at-a-glance where a project is at with the most up to date information.

• Assign team members to a board or to a specific card task for better project management and accountability.

• Share information and updates in real-time with designated posts within project tasks to promote collaboration and communication among team members.

• Leverage Gantt charts for full visibility of project timelines and dependencies to make it easier to plan and manage projects while staying ahead of any issues that may arise.


Take control of your schedule with an intuitive and unified calendar app that makes time-management easy.

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• Our organization currently struggles with planning meetings, keeping track of timelines and availability effectively due to scattered scheduling
• We frequently encounter scheduling conflicts, resulting in the inefficient use of employees’ time
• Working together on specific tasks or events is often unproductive and takes longer than expected
• We currently don’t have a way to integrate our schedule with other applications we use throughout our company
• Our company would like to analyze usage patterns and trends with a calendar app to optimize our scheduling process

• A multi-user shared calendar that is accessible to specified members, allowing them to view and schedule events collaboratively.
• A user-friendly interface for easy event creation, editing, and rescheduling.
• Customizable color coding and tagging options for events, helping users categorize and differentiate tasks.
• Utilize other applications within the Appward ecosystem that seamlessly integrate with the Calendar app.
• Quickly search and locate past and upcoming events, improving accessibility to information.
• Multiple calendar views (daily, weekly, monthly) to accommodate different preferences.
• Built-in insights feature to identify scheduling patterns and trends.


Consolidate organizational contacts, manage communication, qualifications, and foster strong customer relationships.

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• Our organization lacks a reliable system for managing company contact information
• We face inefficiencies in filtering and searching for specific companies
• We often face communication challenges  when contacts are not properly associated with specific companies
• We often have Issues with customers due to outdated Information
• Conversations and files regarding clients or companies are scattered across multiple applications, causing confusion and lost context

• A centralized system for managing all companies you do business with
• Use advanced filtering and search features for efficient retrieval of company Information
• Easily update company information to prevent issues stemming from outdated data
• Store files and conversations related to clients or companies


Consolidate contacts, manage communication, and create strong, long-lasting relationships.

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• Our organization currently struggles with an unreliable contact information management system
• We find it difficult to sort and locate specific contacts at times
• Ambiguous job titles for contacts often create confusion for us when identifying their company roles
• Outdated customer information causes problems in our interactions
• Conversations and files about contacts are scattered across multiple applications, causing confusion and loss of context
• We often find It difficult to manually Import contacts into other applications that we use

• Establish a centralized system to manage company contacts effectively
• Integrate filters and search tools to speed up the retrieval process of contact information
• Easily update contact information to avoid problems arising from outdated data
• Preserve context by centralizing files and conversations related to contacts in one location
• View a comprehensive record detailing the entire usage history of the contact record


Communicate with connections via phone calls, video calls, emails and meetups while preserving a log of what was said.

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  • We encounter challenges in effectively tracking our interactions with numerous clients
  • Switching between various apps for different communication methods is a hassle and wastes time
  • We are unable to capture  valuable information shared during phone calls, video calls, emails and meetings
  • We lack transparency and documentation regarding any legal, contractual or collaborative efforts made during calls, emails or casual conversations
  • Initiate discussions with anyone via email, phone call or video call with seamless API Integrations
  • Retrieve detailed logs of past meetings and discussions for full transparency and reduced confusion
  • Instantly start or continue a conversation thread with curated groups of people
  • Smoothly transition from one communication method to another for spontaneous discussions, idea sharing and improved collaboration
  • Share Information mid-conversation via posts and file attachments for an enhanced collaborative experience


Centralize and control access to documents with configurable access and editing permissions.

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• We lack an all-in-one platform to manage, share, and discuss documents.
• Collaboration with team members regarding documents involves using various applications and platforms.
• We don’t have a way to ensure multiple versions of a document are maintained and tracked.
• There is currently no safeguarding of confidential documents through member-based access control.
• Document retrieval is frequently challenging and highly ineffective.
• The lack of a document approval system or platform disrupts our workflow.

• A unified platform that serves as a control center for document storage, sharing, and collaboration.
• Integration of Posts, Notes, and Notifications to make sure no important updates are overlooked.
• Automatic monitoring and organization of document versions, enabling you to track changes, compare edits and restore previous versions when needed.
• Ensure that only authorized individuals can access and modify confidential documents.
• Robust search capabilities with advanced filtering, enabling you to find documents efficiently.


Enable real-time collaboration with platform-wide messaging to co-workers and groups.

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  • Our company struggles with fragmented communication and relies on phone calls, in-person meetings, and ad-hoc messaging
  • Maintaining topic context becomes challenging as conversations and information are scattered across multiple people and channels
  • It’s hard for our teams to collaborate and share important information, making our decision-making process slow
  • Our employees are constantly searching through emails, shared drives, and disconnected platforms to locate vital conversations or associated files
  • Enable group and direct messaging, file sharing, and real-time collaboration
  • Keep conversations organized and easily accessible
  • Create dedicated forums and sub-forums regarding different topics or projects, ensuring focused discussions and preventing information from being scattered
  • Easily locate specific information, past conversations, files, or important details
  • At-mention specific individuals or entire groups to notify and communicate directly, facilitating quick responses and targeted discussions


Get immediate access to real-time analytics and configurable dashboards for projects, sales, deals and more.

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  • We don’t have access to real-time information about our business because it’s scattered across various documents, spreadsheets, or physical records
  • When we manually collect our data, it takes significant effort to consolidate and analyze our data comprehensively
  • We’re constantly dealing with errors and inconsistencies in our data, impacting the quality and reliability of our insights
  • The availability of real-time or near-real-time insights, impedes us from making timely and informed decisions
  • We’re unable to identify meaningful patterns, trends, or correlations limiting our ability to adapt quickly to changing business needs
  • Create and evaluate business metrics with centralized access to all insights across your organization
  • Gather data across the Appward platform without the need to navigate through multiple spreadsheets or documents
  • Generate valuable insights by querying and narrowing down your data using relevant parameters to track work progress, identify improvement areas, and evaluate effectiveness
  • Analyze insights from all areas of your business effortlessly to make strategic and data-driven decisions


Run your most effective meetings by capturing minutes, assigning action items and setting reminders.

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• Due to the absence of a meeting management solution, our organization faces challenges with effective time management, often leading to double bookings.
• Utilizing email or other messaging applications for coordinating meeting times frequently results in lengthy and ineffective discussions.
• Essential meeting information, including details and agendas Is all over the place.
• Our employees Invest more time than necessary in the entire meeting process, from scheduling to conclusion.
• Without a note taking system things are challenging because insights and action Items discussed during meetings are scattered and hard to retrieve.

• Optimize time with effective meeting scheduling and management.
• Determine Ideal meeting times and length.
• Input vital details and agendas within the meetings app to keep everything in context.
• Utilize the Integrated notes feature to communicate with your team.
• Keep track of action Items to preserve information about what happened during a meeting.
• Incorporate relevant documents within meeting records.


Draft, organize, and share your ideas with note-taking tools that encourage collaboration.

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• We have difficulty creating and editing paper notes in an easy-to-use way.
• Real-time team collaboration on notes is crucial for our development process.
• Nuances often get lost with exclusively hand-written notes.
• We face challenges with storing and organizing notes in one place.
• Our goal is to be able to manage most of our business in a paperless way.

• Create and edit notes in an intuitive digital approach.
• Engage in direct collaboration with team members by inviting them to edit and contribute.
• Capture all the necessary details with an entirely online note management system.
• Establish organized file systems for your notes, all consolidated in a single location.


An interactive, dynamic workspace for real-time teamwork, idea unification, and simplified collaboration for brainstorming and problem-solving

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  • Collaborating with our teams across different offices or regions limits our ability capture and share content efficiently
  • Our thoughts and ideas are disorganized because we often use sticky notes or other note taking tools that are siloed
  • It’s difficult for our team to capture and share ideas visually to convey their thoughts
  • We have challenges collecting ideas in a single space and lack the communication tools to keep our conversations in context
  • Effortlessly invite members and participants to collaborate in real-time
  • Use drawing tools, shapes and text boxes to help illustrate ideas
  • Import images and design files for centralized input
  • Centralize brainstorming within Meetings, Projects, and Changes apps for visual strategy and problem-solving


Turn leads into sales and retain customers for repeat business by fostering strong and lasting customer relationships. Manage forecasts, pipelines, sales quotas and proposals, with the real-time visibility of data on unified platform. Arm your sales efforts with competitive and geographical insights to improve selling strategies.


Manage your organization's installations for a seamless, compliant, and efficient process from start to finish.

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• We don’t have a way to track installations in our company
• Installations are often delayed due to bottlenecks that impede our progress
• Scheduling and keeping track of necessary maintenance or repairs is often a cumbersome process
• In the past, we have encountered challenges stemming from our failure to adhere to safety regulations that arose due to the lack of organization during the quality control process.
• Conversations and files about installations are scattered across multiple applications, causing confusion and loss of context.
• Having a way to communicate directly within an installation record would allow us to keep everything in one place.

• Establish a centralized system to track and manage Installations effectively.
• Monitor installation process during all stages.
• Establish clear standards and procedures for installations, emphasizing adherence to safety regulations.
• Preserve context by keeping files, posts, and conversations all in one place.
• Access an integrated map for enhanced contextual information about the installation process.
• Comprehend installation history for insights and optimize processes from start to finish.


Build and maximize your sales pipeline from opportunity to purchase and beyond.

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  • Our team struggles to organize and track leads across multiple platforms and channels
  • We manually input leads, which is time-consuming, prone to errors, and inefficient
  • Sales managers lack visibility of lead status and progress, resulting in missed opportunities
  • Our lead distribution and prioritization processes are causing delays in our follow-up efforts
  • We are unable to track and measure lead conversion rates and overall sales performance
  • Identify and capitalize on high-value prospects by centralizing leads and sales efforts
  • Distribute leads to one or multiple sales associates and engage in prompt communication and quick discussions
  • Consolidate all conversations with each lead to ensure optimal follow-up with decision-makers
  • Utilize a Kanban board view to visualize and manage leads at various pipeline stages
  • Leverage sales pipeline metrics to make data-driven decisions and achieve better results

Support Contracts

Create and maximize the value of service level agreements for both you and your customers with programable alerts and customizations.

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  • We have difficulty organizing and finding support contracts, leading to time wasted searching for critical information
  • We risk missing contract renewal dates, resulting in revenue loss and customer dissatisfaction
  • Our manual data entry and record-keeping is time-consuming and error-prone
  • Our team lacks the ability to ensure SLA agreements are being met, making it challenging to measure service quality
  • It’s hard for our team to track the status of support contracts and associated services
  • Create customized plans aligned with individual requirements to meet customer expectations
  • Select a predesignated support plan to auto-populate required services
  • Easily monitor services, SLA compliance, renewal dates and quotes
  • Link equipment installations for clear understanding of provided services


Visualize the location of any of your business resources, including resellers, customers, installations, physical assets and employees.

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  • We lack visibility into the whereabouts of our employees, customers, and projects, hindering informed decision-making
  • We find it difficult to efficiently allocate personnel and resources to off-site projects that are near one another
  • Monitoring work across our multiple locations is challenging, resulting in delays and disorganized customer service
  • Map customers, employees, and field work for efficient operations and strategic resource allocation
  • Easily oversee resources, projects, and personnel across facilities
  • Know where projects reside to assign resources based on proximity to customers and suppliers
  • Visualize customer and prospect locations to identify new areas with sales potential and target untapped markets


Your people are your most precious resource, so it’s important you attract and retain the best talent. Secure and motivate your dream team by providing an engaging and consistent recruiting, onboarding and evaluation experience with a platform that streamlines and automates the management of your human resources.


Get a complete, confidential view of your employees, including hire date, compensation, time off balances, promotions, training and skills.

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  • We manage our employee’s information in various digital and physical locations.
  • We’re consistently finding errors in our employee information due to messy handwriting, piles of paperwork, or lost or missing documents.
  • Since we don’t have a more cohesive way to manage each team members info, our team struggles with overseeing an individual’s time off, training or associated documentation.
  • Our workflow is split up among various solutions that only handle a portion of each employees data.
  • Unify all your employee’s information in a single location to maintain up-to-date and accurate information.
  • Manage an employee’s sick and personal time off requests directly form an employee’s profile.
  • Oversee all training assigned to an individual employee and stay informed on which classes they’ve completed and when.
  • Generate reports specific to each employee without digging for information in different locations or solutions.


Automate your expense management process from the creation of reports to approval and processing.

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• Our company lacks a dependable method for monitoring and overseeing expenses.
• Important data is frequently lost because we rely on paper-based methods for tracking business expenses.
• We don’t have a way for employees to report out of pocket spending for business-related expenses.
• Our business spends more time than intended on expense-related tasks.
• Insufficient expense record keeping has led to compliance and audit challenges for us.

• Track expenses reliably by creating individual records for business expenses.
• Allow employees to initiate an approval process by uploading receipts for reimbursement of company-related out-of-pocket expenses.
• Organize and document expense details to prevent any loss of information.
• Appoint managers to oversee employee reimbursement requests, ensuring a smooth and thorough process.
• Maintain thorough records of business expenditures to effectively manage and prepare for audits.


Empower employees with an individualized growth-tracking tool that motivates productivity and learning.

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  • We’re currently managing goals manually, using spreadsheets or traditional methods and don’t have a way to analyze progress or goal accomplishments
  • Our employees don’t have a centralized go-to source of information for a clear understanding of what is expected of them, leading to confusion and misalignment
  • It’s challenging for us to align goals with the company’s overall vision
  • We struggle to track goal progress, which makes it difficult for our managers to identify and address any obstacles or performance gaps
  • Communication regarding goals is fragmented and our employees and managers are unable provide timely feedback, discuss progress or collaborate effectively
  • We have a high risk of missing deadlines and important objectives which is impacting overall productivity and hindering goal achievement
  • Integrated with the Reviews App, clearly state goal objectives that are tied with an employee’s evaluation
  • Easily monitor the progress of each goal with visual progress bars to gauge statuses at a glance
  • Managers and employees can use Posts to engage in conversations, feedback and promptly address any challenges
  • Set up automated reminders to ensure upcoming deadlines are met and prompt employees to provide updates
  • Harness insights for real-time metrics, issue identification, and goal progress and achievements


A full-circle solution for managing your organization's positions, job descriptions, org charts, training requirements and more

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  • We struggle to maintain an organized way to keep our position details up to date and to provide clarity of job descriptions and expectations
  • When onboarding new team members, we are unable to provide them with a structured outline of the roles and responsibilities held within our company
  • Managing training for new employees based on positions has proven difficult for us to maintain a consistent level of skillsets among our team
  • Our HR managers manually manage each position in different ways and have a disconnected process for maintaining and logging department goals and position expectations
  • View organizational structure, job descriptions, hiring requirement information and salary details in one place
  • Define and provide visibility of position expectations and set goals per role, department or the overall company
  • Link training classes to each position for easy onboarding and standardize the way you train new and existing team members
  • Centralize all job descriptions and salary information while keeping track of each employee associated with a position

Progress Reports

Create and manage regular updates to facilitate effective communication of progress, accomplishments, and roadblocks.

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  • It’s difficult for our employees and management to effectively communicate progress on process, projects and other initiatives
  • We lack a structured way to share and track updates, provide feedback, and address issues
  • Our managers struggle to monitor project status, identify bottlenecks, and assess overall team progress, making it challenging to manage resources effectively
  • We miss out on valuable information about project performance, resource utilization, and departmental trends, impeding our ability to make informed decisions
  • Providing feedback is currently ad hoc and inconsistent, resulting in missed opportunities for process optimization, innovation, and continuous improvement
  • Compose structured reports within an HTML editor to highlight important information for easy comprehension and keep management informed
  • Notify members when reports are ready to be reviewed and request feedback
  • Members can provide direct feedback to reports and be notified when feedback is ready for your attention
  • Utilize posts to communicate with members to help formulate and analyze reports before and after submitting
  • Keep reports in context by linking reports to other apps for referencing and storing relevant files to keep information at your fingertips


Take control of your search for talent by organizing applicants, resumes, supporting documents, interview notes and approvals.

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  • Managing our hiring process is disconnected and the other hiring tools we use aren’t enough to track each stage from consideration to offer.
  • Our hiring team struggles with keeping up on the status where each applicant is within our hiring process.
  • We rely on multiple file locations to store job descriptions, resumes, letters of recommendation, school transcripts and other supporting documentation.
  • Our hiring process involves interviews with various team members and it’s difficult for us to connect on feedback and approvals.
  • Create new job openings and associate positions to view job descriptions and requirements all in one interface.
  • Manage and link all applicants’ information, resumes, letters of recommendation, portfolios and other supporting materials to a single opening.
  • Visually see where an applicant is within your hiring process with a step-by-step status that updates each applicant’s profile.
  • Involve as many team members in the hiring process and gain visibility into all conversations and notes throughout the interview stage.
  • Take control of your approval process with access to an approver’s thoughts on a candidate, clear visibility for approving a candidate and easy to send approval reminder notifications.


Efficiently and effectively conduct performance evaluations and manage the entire review process in one centralized location.

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  • Our employee review process is disconnected. We struggle to manage each stage of each employee review.
  • It’s hard for us to stay current with giving reviews in a timely manner.
  • We are still dependent on traditional paper-based form filing for reviews.
  • Our HR team finds it difficult to keep notes, goals or feedback organized without having to manage separate folders manually.
  • We are unable to identify areas of work where employees may be struggling or excelling.
  • Connect each review process step and manage it all in a centralized location.
  • Standardize reviews across your organization for increased transparency and accurate assessments.
  • Include other managers or peers to review an employee for a more holistic view of someone’s performance.
  • Set up an approval process for each review that aligns with how you run your business.
  • Foster better communication and collaboration between managers and employees about performance expectations, goals, and feedback.
  • Discover areas where employees may need additional training or support to provide opportunities for growth and development.

Safety Incidents

Keep track of safety within your company, and all safety incidents.

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  • As a Safety or HR manager, I find it difficult to keep track of all details and accounts taken when an incident occurs within our organization.
  • We normally manage incident reports on individual computers and file cabinets in various file folders.
  • Taking reports of all parties involved is a manual process for us and we are unable to link their accounts to a particular incident.
  • Our team is not kept up to date regarding any changes that stem from an incident.
  • Easy to configure incident types and report fields
  • Visually track the progress of the incident investigation
  • Link all involved parties and their accounts for a full picture of what happened
  • Attach files and photos of the incident for quick referencing
  • Log and manage actions taken to course-correct a situation
  • View all historical information on an incident to stay up to date


Boost morale and success by recognizing employee achievements and hard work.

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  • I want to create a workplace where employees feel valued and appreciated for their hard work.
  • Our company needs to foster an environment where everyone is close-knit and supportive of each other.
  • I would like to have concrete examples of work/employees that align with our culture and vision.
  • Big milestones should be celebrated and spread across the whole team.
  • I want to identify the top performers of my team and inspire others to strive for that type of success.
  • Publish company-wide messages highlighting the hard work of specifically-selected team members.
  • Attach point-based awards to boost team spirit and involvement.
  • Incite engagement and participation from your employees via Likes and Posts for each shoutout.
  • Control the visibility of each shoutout by selecting the notified recipients and determining each shoutout’s privacy level.
  • Derive concrete examples of excellent work from shoutout records to inspire and motivate your team.


Optimize your resources for current and upcoming projects by understanding the skills and certifications of your workforce.

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  • Managing employee skills manually is error-prone and time-consuming for us
  • We lack visibility into which employees possess specific skills, hindering efficient task assignment
  • We struggle to match employee skills with job requirements accurately
  • It’s challenging to identify individual skill development needs for targeted training
  • Manage employee skills, competencies and qualifications all in one place
  • Easily identify skills and renewal dates according to employee or position
  • Identify opportunities for potential successors, employee development and training
  • Track and manage regulatory requirements and qualifications to ensure compliance and mitigate risks associated with inadequate skills


Encourage collaboration and an involved company culture using a suggestions app with configurable privacy adaptations.

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  • We lack a formal avenue for sharing ideas which has reduced employee engagement and we miss out on opportunities to improve workflows, processes, and work culture
  • Any suggestion provided by our team is often scattered among various channels which leads to implementation challenges and undervalues employee input
  • Our manual evaluation and review process of suggestions causes delays in providing feedback and acting on valuable ideas
  • We don’t have a clear record of what actions were taken for a suggestion or its current status, which hinders effective follow-up and execution
  • It’s difficult for us to track and prioritize suggestions, resulting in a lack of visibility and impeding implementation
  • We have inconsistent communication and feedback with our team and it leaves employees uncertain about the consideration of their ideas
  • A centralized location to capture, review, and implement all suggestions received from employees
  • Employees can easily submit suggestions to help improve organizational processes and workplace culture
  • Categorize and tag suggestions for better organization and retrieval based on criteria like department, topic, or priority
  • Managers or approvers can easily evaluate and provide timely feedback on suggestions
  • Track execution progress through the Changes App for visibility, accountability, and progress tracking
  • Generate insights from the collected suggestions to identify trends, highlight impactful ideas, and inform decision-making for organizational improvements

Survey Director

Increase team engagement, collect feedback and get insight into team sentiment using surveys.

Quick View
  • Our business struggles to gather feedback from our employees and customers
  • We are unable to create a survey experience that addresses our business needs
  • It’s difficult for our team to send out surveys internally and externally
  • Analyzing results is disconnected, making it unmanageable for our team to review and take action
  • Create custom surveys with text, images and videos
  • Provide an engaging experience with multiple-choice or written response questions
  • Select employees or customers from Contacts to deploy and follow up with your survey
  • Review results with visual charts or by individual responses and download reports for easy sharing


Increase team engagement, collect feedback and get insight into team sentiment using surveys.

Quick View
  • We don’t have a way to communicate with our clients or employees to gauge their sentiment towards our products or company
  • Our customer support team struggles to gain participation from surveys or questionnaires they send out
  • When using a survey resource, we found that our recipients have trouble with the link that is forwarded to them
  • Currently, there is no way for us to remind our clients or employees to participate in our survey
  • A simple way for your customers and clients to take a survey
  • Fully accessible links that work on any browser, allowing recipients to participate without any obstacles
  • Customizable surveys that can include images, videos, multiple choice or written response questions to provide a more engaging experience
  • Automatic notifications and reminders are sent to survey participants to increase response rates

Time Off

Manage your employee time-off requests to maintain visibility into schedules and hourly balance.

Quick View
  • Our current process of managing time off requests over email is slow and prone to mistakes
  • When our employees submit a new time off request, there’s no easy way for us to check it against existing schedules
  • We don’t see time off requests by department, making it difficult for us to schedule people and projects
  • We manually keep track of time off balances for each employee, which is time-consuming
  • Dedicated workforce management solutions would cost us thousands of dollars per year
  • Automate the entire PTO process with a unified platform
  • Simplify requests, reviews and approvals with time-off forms that initiate an automated process
  • A unified calendar of all shifts and time off requests for seamless scheduling
  • Auto-calculated PTO balances for full transparency
  • Payroll reporting of all related time-off hours for more accurate wages
  • Auto-generate notifications across your team for quicker response times


Administer training classes with write-in and multiple choice questions with video, audio and text, accessible using any browser

Quick View
  • Employees on our team struggle to stay organized and up-to-date with the training needed for their roles
  • Our training documents and tests are all over the place, requiring our employees to piecemeal together their courses which provides inconsistent training and delays them from either completing or finishing their training
  • We don’t have a solution in place that manages completed courses, making it difficult for our managers to keep up with and remember which classes need to be evaluated
  • Our employees rely on verbal training evaluations and cannot freely review or reference feedback to help them better understand their training
  • An easy-to-use tool for onboarding and training existing employees while keeping them organized and up to date
  • Access all training documentation within each training class (Supported files include: Word Docs, PDFs, Presentations, Images or Videos)
  • Take course tests without being redirected to another portal or website
  • Class completion notifications and reminders sent to trainers and managers via email and in-platform
  • Evaluations and feedback are linked to each class for employees to view and reference at any time

Training Director

Create and evaluate intuitive training courses using a complete learning management system for onboarding, honing skills, and ensuring compliance.

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  • Our company doesn’t have a defined protocol for creating or implementing training across our organization
  • My employees receive training from various team members, which results in varying levels of skills being taught
  • Our current training classes have not evolved with our growing business and are difficult to modify
  • I am unable to organize training classes into curriculums or assign them to employees individually or to a department
  • It’s challenging to keep track of an employee’s training progress and when they’ve completed a class to be evaluated
  • Create classes that are specific to your processes, policies and tools
  • Provide a rich experience by attaching word docs, pdfs, presentations, videos and images to each class
  • Make tests that score and gauge a trainee’s understanding of the class with multiple-choice or written response questions
  • Establish curriculums for individuals and different positions for easy onboarding
  • Receive automatic notifications when a course is completed to help keep you on top of evaluations


Organize and access travel, hotel, and rental arrangements for your moving workforce.

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  • Our business relies on scattered email threads for travel coordination, resulting in a lack of visibility into the details of all planned trips
  • Coordinating travel details with our team is challenging, making it difficult for us to keep everyone updated and informed
  • Managing and tracking updates or changes to travel plans is tough and leaves us open to miscommunication
  • Our employees express frustration when they need to search through emails to retrieve travel information
  • It’s difficult for us to analyze travel data and make informed decisions
  • Effortlessly coordinate and manage travel arrangements for team members
  • Organize critical travel details, including flights, hotels, and car rentals
  • Enable travelers to request arrangements and access their personalized travel information
  • Establish customizable approval processes and route requests to relevant managers
  • Visualize planned trips with interactive calendar views (day, week, or month)
  • Gather travel data insights for comprehensive reporting and to make well-informed decisions


Effortlessly tailor compensation to employee experience and skillsets, ensuring consistent and fair wages across your organization.

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  • We are currently setting wages manually and don’t have a central place to reference when hiring new employees or when adjusting pay for current employees.
  • Our manual process for calculating wages is time-consuming and prone to errors, resulting in inconsistencies and making it challenging for us to adapt.
  • The lack of standardized criteria hinders us from establishing clear guidelines for setting wages based on employee skills, experience and performance
  • We are inconsistent at applying wage policies which has caused confusion, disparities and dissatisfaction among employees
  • Develop position-specific calculators with customizable attributes and skillsets
  • Establish standard rates to mitigate the risk of overcompensation or under compensation
  • Calculate individual rates based on employee experience and contribution
  • Seamlessly integrate with the Employees app for comprehensive access to current and historical compensation data


Construct efficient processes to complete projects with optimization and agility. Distribute time, resources, and manpower in meaningful ways that maximize your output.


Track organizational assets, their use, maintenance, location, cost, date acquired and more to maximize your investments.

Quick View

• We use basic spreadsheets to log and track our assets which has caused data inconsistencies and limits our ability to scale
• My team lacks clarity on asset utilization and location making resource allocation difficult
• We struggle with effectively planning asset acquisitions when needed, resulting in production delays
• Our maintenance schedules and history are not up to date and puts our assets at risk of deterioration
• We physically label our assets and rely on paper records, causing us to misplace or lose items
• Movement and maintenance logs are done by hand, which has been error-prone and challenging to track accurately

• Store and organize all asset data in a centralized solution for easy tracking and management
• Import asset information directly from the Parts app to auto fill essential asset and manufacturer details
• Monitor asset usage with precise asset check-in/out data to accurately track resources
• Proactively schedule maintenance with automated alerts for upcoming maintenance, repairs, or tasks
• Automatically record all asset changes for a thorough audit trail


Easily keep track and log items delivered to your business.

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  • We find it difficult to track when we’re expecting a delivery
  • It’s hard to know who is waiting on package to be delivered
  • We are unable to reference past deliveries or confirm when a delivery was received
  • Easily monitor all incoming deliveries
  • See who is receiving a delivery and who the courier is
  • Notify recipients of an items transit status and when it’s received
  • Keep a historical log of all deliveries that have been received


Effectively manage license distribution and oversee crucial licensing dates to provide optimal service to customers.

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  • Our manual management of license agreements has made it challenging to stay organized and maintain accurate details of terms and conditions.
  • Keeping track of license renewal dates and ensuring timely renewals has been difficult for us to manage, causing lapses in licenses and revenue loss
  • We’re constantly at an increased risk of non-compliance with licensing terms which has prompted legal issues and loss of trust with customers.
  • Manual management hampers us from conducting thorough audits of license agreements, resulting in inaccuracies or oversights in our auditing processes.
  • We experience delays in responding to customer inquiries or to provide timely updates on license agreements, which has negatively impacted our customer service.
  • Categorize licenses by type and assign unique titles for efficient organization and easy identification.
  • Define license lifecycles with start and expiration dates for effective tracking.
  • Ensure visibility into license validity and tie them to installations for accurate allocation.
  • Identify the customer associated with each license for streamlined relationship management.
  • Utilize insights on license ownership and usage patterns for targeted engagement, support, and renewal efforts.


Keep business assets in optimal condition with a streamlined app for specifications, scheduling, history, and notifications.

Quick View

• We lack a platform to view and manage maintenance tasks.
• Managing employee task assignments can become complex and confusing.
• Important details about the condition of business assets often go missing due to the lack of proper documentation.
• Relying on manual task management exposes us to risks such as insufficient documentation, inefficient labor allocation, and overall operational slowdown.
• We don’t have a way to get real-time updates about when our employees are working on a maintenance task
• Coordinating becomes challenging as we rely on various external applications for communication.

• Efficiently create, schedule, and manage tasks for one-time or recurring cycles.
• Engage and communicate with your employees by utilizing Posts.
• Access a carefully curated list of assigned tasks for your business’s employees.
• Easily track employee tasks, assignments, and future responsibilities with a well-organized Calendar View.
• Seamlessly integrate checklists designed in Checklist Creator, ensuring all task steps are completed.
• Stay informed about task progress and updates via timely notifications.
• Use Insights to analyze data and identify opportunities for improvement and growth.

Maintenance Director

Efficiently create and manage maintenance tasks to ensure optimal functionality of your business assets.

Quick View

• We lack a centralized system for managing new and existing maintenance tasks.
• Tracking our employee-task assignments can become convoluted.
• Valuable information about the status of our business assets gets lost and is not properly recorded.
• By manually managing tasks, we risk having inadequate documentation, limited asset tracking, and slowing down various aspects of our business.
• We don’t have a way to get real time updates about when our employees are working on a maintenance task.

• Efficiently create, schedule, and manage tasks for one-time or recurring cycles.
• Create and use templates for quick and easy task creation.
• Quickly and effectively communicate with your employees using Posts.
• View a curated list of employees from your business who have been assigned a task.
• Visualize your employees’ past, current and upcoming tasks with an organized Calendar View.
• Integrate checklists made in Checklist Creator to ensure that all necessary steps and components of a task are completed.
• Use Insights to analyze data and identify opportunities for improvement and growth.
• Stay informed about task progress and updates with notifications.


Review and track project documentation with ease and traceability.

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  • The manual management of reviewing all documents associated with a project is time consuming and slows down our overall project timeline
  • Without automated tracking, it’s been difficult for our team to establish and enforce accountability for review completion and accuracy
  • We have limited visibility into monitoring the progress of document reviews often causing oversight of critical details
  • We struggle to retrieve specific information quickly, hindering our decision-making
  • Upload project documentation, breaking it down by paragraph for easy review
  • Associate standardized checklists to track progress during the review process
  • Add comments per paragraph to provide context, improving clarity and communication
  • Automatically timestamp review confirmations for accurate record-keeping
  • Set reminders and use advanced filtering to prevent oversight and improve thoroughness


View your floor plans with the locations of employees, assets, and work orders.

Quick View
  • As an owner, I am not able to view my entire operations to see where each project is being worked on within my warehouse or office
  • Our facility managers don’t have visibility into what or where assets are assigned and are constantly looking for information in multiple areas
  • My IT team struggles to quickly identify where tech assets are within my organization
  • It’s hard for my employees to know what project they are assigned to and where they are needed on our floor
  • A complete aerial vantage point of the entire organization
  • Quickly identify project needs to deploy resources effectively
  • Import image files of your office or shop for an exact representation of floorplans
  • Place the location of projects, assets and people with a simple drag and drop
  • Detailed pop-ups and powerful filtering provide a complete picture of all projects, equipment, materials, employees and other assets associated with a project


Coordinate any size project with efficient tools that unifies deliverables, documents, responsibilities, timelines and more.

Quick View
  • We lack visibility into the status of each project, making it difficult to identify bottlenecks and address issues promptly
  • Our team manually handles personnel assignments and resource distribution, leading to overallocation and underutilization
  • We’ve been coordinating project timelines across various methods, resulting in scheduling conflicts, delays, and missed deadlines
  • We depend on meetings and emails to share project updates which has caused communication breakdowns and misunderstandings
  • With our teams tracking project expenses manually, we have experienced cost overruns, budget deviations and miss potential cost-saving opportunities
  • Easily oversee and monitor projects for instant insights into all project statuses
  • Integrate projects with Sales Orders and Tickets for comprehensive project management
  • Effortlessly handle material and labor costs by effectively managing associated budgets
  • Supervise project timelines using a Gantt-style calendar, closely tracking project activities
  • Manage project milestones and identify any delays to promptly address issues
  • Attach checklists to uphold adherence to guidelines throughout the project lifecycle

Purchase Orders

Execute and track the status of your vendor and supplier purchases.

Quick View
  • Our manual data entry process for purchase orders is time-consuming and risks inaccuracies
  • We have limited visibility into our purchase order status and history which has created procurement uncertainty
  • Managing our approvals manually has led to bottlenecks in our purchase order process
  • Tracking multiple purchase orders and documents is cumbersome and prone to errors
  • The communication among our staff and with vendors is disconnected, leading to misunderstandings and delays
  • Our inability to collect and analyze data hinders insights for cost control and optimization
  • Streamline the procurement process, from request to purchase order initiation in a single location
  • Access and manage all orders and requests centrally to simplify procurement
  • Stay on top of order statuses and costs to make more informed and better budgeting decisions
  • Ensure on-time purchases and deliveries with dynamic tracking and direct vendor communication
  • Internally communicate with employees for quick responses and alignment through approval requests expediting the buying process

Purchase Requests

Easily submit purchase requests with a streamlined process for requesting and obtaining approvals for a purchase order.

Quick View
  • Our manual purchase request process is time-consuming and often leads to project delays
  • We encounter frequent errors in paperwork that have resulted in inaccuracies with our orders
  • It’s hard for us to track pricing or make accurate cost assessments which affects budgets
  • Our purchasing managers lack of visibility into request status which poses a significant challenge
  • We’re consistently losing approvals in email inboxes, causing project timeline delays
  • Efficiently track and oversee all organization-wide purchase requests, minimizing the risk of overlooking essential purchases
  • Easily access comprehensive details about each request and view its current status
  • Link requests to Work Orders, Projects, Sales Orders, or Customers for enhanced context and resource alignment
  • Simplify purchase requests by selecting items from the Parts app for accurate, auto-populated details
  • Access pricing information for each item based on past orders, aiding in cost estimation
  • Get quick approvals and generate purchase orders with a single click while while staying informed about procurement transactions


Document times, dates and locations of shipments received by your organization.

Quick View
  • We often make mistakes when manually tracking and entering received items, which takes away focus from other important tasks
  • We struggle with obtaining real-time information, making it challenging to plan projects effectively
  • Trying to locate specific items is time-consuming and has caused delays in our project timelines
  • It’s become challenging for our team to conduct audits without a centralized way to manage item histories
  • Managing orders manually makes it hard for us to monitor supplier performance, which has strained relationships
  • Access item details, costs, quantities, and responsible buyers for streamlined procurement
  • Monitor purchases, shipments, deliveries, and manufacturer details in real-time
  • Instantly view item receipt status and quantity received for timely actions
  • Get a quick overview of purchased items, prices, and totals for informed decision-making
  • Track responsible and identify item sources, for better visibility and accountability
  • Easily verify order completeness to prevent shortages or overages

Safety Sheets

A centralized hub for Safety Data Sheets for well-organized documentation, that helps contribute to OSHA compliance.

Quick View
  • Our manual management of Safety Data Sheets is time-consuming, and we risk inaccurate data entry and updates
  • It’s difficult for our team to retrieve and gather SDS documents that relate to the projects they are working, affecting timely decision-making
  • Trying to keep track and update multiple copies accurately has been challenging and we end up missing regulatory updates or deadlines
  • Ensuring staff awareness manually is labor-intensive and prone to oversights.
  • We’re unable to provide a comprehensive audit trail for regulatory inspections due to disjointed safety information
  • Log, link, and organize SDS documents centrally for an accurate audit trail and improved searchability
  • Easily populate material details using the Parts app, ensuring accuracy and efficiency
  • Upload and link SDS via the Documents app, ensuring easy accessibility and compliance
  • Input crucial SDS dates for timely updates and to effectively manage data accuracy for compliance
  • Have employees acknowledge their review of SDS documents with easy to send notifications, promoting safety awareness

Sales Orders

Simplify order creation, management, and tracking for improved operations and happier customers.

Quick View
  • Manually documenting sales orders on paper forms and spreadsheets has been an error prone and time-consuming process for our team
  • Our manual efforts have put us at risk of processing and fulfillment delays
  • We have difficulty tracking order status and progess
  • At times our team overlooks critical order details or fails to follow up on customer requests promptly
  • It’s been challenging for us to coordinate sales orders and manage communication between departments
  • We’re dealing with customer dissatisfaction due to longer response times and errors in order processing
  • Keep sales orders organized by easily categorizing sales orders by type, assigning unique order numbers and associating related projects
  • Ensure tax compliance and accurate financial management by adding customer tax ID numbers, utilizing the Tax Schedule, and accessing detailed financial information
  • Manage order details and progress by setting order dates, defining delivery/lead time, and tracking order progress from Draft to Complete
  • Detail the products or services each sales order includes to best manage all costs associated
  • Conveniently handle sales commissions, specifying the percentage of each sale allocated to every team member involved
  • Simplify billing by generating invoices and managing them all within the sales order record


Oversee all shipments sent out of your organization with acute, real-time accuracy.

Quick View
  • Our shipping and tracking procedures suffer from fragmentation, which results in bottlenecks and delays
  • We manually input shipment information, resulting in misrouted shipments
  • Our manual processes contribute to sluggish shipment preparation, extending our lead times
  • As our company grows, it’s been challenging for us to manually manage shipments and tracking
  • Maintaining well-organized records and analyzing shipping data has proven to be a significant challenge for us
  • Efficiently manage all shipments for streamlined logistics and customer satisfaction
  • Access organized shipments linked to companies, enhancing operational efficiency
  • Quickly find shipments in Sales Orders or Projects, improving project management
  • Streamline shipment logistics and information for improved productivity
  • Identify shipment status with a visual progress bar, simplifying tracking and decision-making

Special Events

Centralize company event invitations and facilitate seamless communication with planners for increased employee involvement.

Quick View
  • Our employees lack a central platform for viewing company event invitations, leading to misinformation and overlooked events
  • We struggle to keep guests informed of event updates, which has caused confusion and misunderstandings among attendees
  • Employees currently sift through multiple channels for event details and RSVP submissions, resulting in a decline in responses
  • Access all company event invitations in one place so your team can stay informed
  • View event information, location details and event updates in one place
  • Easily RSVP, specify additional guests, and modify or re-submit responses at any time
  • Receive event updates via notifications and reference past messages
  • Comment and communicate directly with event organizers

Special Events Director

Efficiently manage and coordinate internal and external events, including outings and tradeshows, and seamlessly invite guests to attend.

Quick View
  • We normally plan company events manually, making it time-consuming, error-prone, and challenging to manage efficiently
  • Our team struggles with centralizing all necessary event information, including guest lists, event details, and RSVPs
  • We struggle with collaboration and communication among our event planning team
  • Managing RSVPs is overwhelming and challenging for us to track attendee numbers accurately
  • We miss out on opportunities to engage and interact with attendees before, during, and after an event
  • We rely on third-party sites to send out invitations, resulting in a fragmented planning process
  • Manage event logistics, venue information and invites all in one place
  • Select team members to participate in event planning and coordination
  • Access a comprehensive planning calendar displaying timelines for all action items
  • Utilize posts to facilitate quick responses and seamless collaboration
  • Conveniently send event invitations with email and in-platform notifications
  • Easily manage RSVPs and respond to attendees questions


Ticket Director

Offer top-notch customer support by tracking issues, delivering resolutions, and promoting team-wide collaboration.

Quick View

• We struggle to identify and prioritize incoming issues, problems, or inquiries.
• Ticket information is centralized, so it is often difficult to keep track of necessary details.
• Tracking and reporting the status and progress of customer issues is difficult for us to manage.
• We currently don’t have a way to mark tickets as new, in progress or complete.
• Having a way to search for tickets with similar issues would significantly speed up our
resolution times.
• We face challenges in accurately allocating tickets to appropriate employees, resulting in delays and miscommunication.
• We’re unable to gather and analyze data to improve our ticket management process.
• We don’t have a process of tracking ticket life cycle from start to finish.

• Track, define, and prioritize, tickets and inquiries for an efficient resolution process.
• A centralized app for managing and organizing incoming tickets or inquiries, resulting in employees being in lock step.
• Allocate appropriate employees for each ticket to ensure prompt responses and quick resolutions.
• Efficiently search for resolved tickets to provide timely assistance in resolving similar issues.
• Track the status and progress of each ticket using a built in Kanban board with real-time updates.
• Use Insights to analyze data and identify opportunities for improvement and growth.
• Ensure everyone stays informed about ticket progress and updates through timely notifications.


Deliver premium support to your customers, track their issues and share resolutions with your team.

Quick View
  • We lack a centralized system for managing customer requests efficiently
  • It is challenging for our team to track and prioritize incoming issues in a timely manner
  • Customer inquiries and internal requests are scattered across emails, phone calls, and other messaging channels
  • Tracking and reporting the status and progress of customer issues is difficult for us to manage
  • We struggle to assign requests to the right team members causing delays and confusion
  • We’re unable to gather data and insights hindering our ability to analyze metrics and trends for more informed decisions
  • Valuable information about customer issues and resolutions gets lost and is not effectively captured and shared
  • A centralized platform for managing and tracking all incoming requests, ensuring efficient communication and collaboration among team members
  • Log, categorize and prioritize incoming tickets for better organization and improved workflow management
  • Enable quick assignment and routing of requests to appropriate team members, ensuring prompt responses and timely resolutions
  • Track the status and progress of each request so nothing falls through the cracks and all issues are properly addressed
  • Leverage a repository of past requests and solutions to create a knowledge base for future reference
  • Generate valuable insights to analyze and identify performance metrics and trends for better decision-making and process optimization


Maintain the quality and reputation of your products and services by managing your quality policies, standard operating procedures, quality documentation, requirements, auditing procedures and nonconformance activities.


Plan, schedule and execute audits of your processes to ensure safety and compliance with internal and industry policies.

Quick View
  • Our managers are currently managing and tracking daily workflow audits manually
  • It’s difficult for our quality and safety teams to determine what’s being done well or to identify where improvements are needed
  • Employees are involved in disconnected processes and spend large amounts of time gathering information, preparing reports, and conducting on-site assessments
  • Create any type of audit needed to oversee your processes and workflows quickly and easily
  • Keep audits organized by attaching files and notes to each individual audit
  • Link checklists with defined step-by-step expectations to conduct audits in a consistent, standardized manner
  • Visually track the progress of each audit and generate reports to help identify and manage any gaps or risks


Centralize certifications to effortlessly manage and maintain records for efficient tracking of important dates to ensure compliance and quality assurance.

Quick View
  • Managing our certifications manually is time-consuming and requires significant effort to maintain accurate records
  • Our certification records are scattered across different departments or locations and disorganized
  • With us manually tracking certifications we often miss essential expiration dates which leads to lapses in compliance and hinders our operations
  • We lack real-time visibility into certification statuses, causing compliance uncertainty
  • As our company grows and certification volumes increase, our manual management process is hindering scalability

• Centralize certifications with your own numbering system for easy organization
• Manage certifications efficiently, associating serial, lot, and batch numbers for quick referencing
• Track crucial certification dates and statuses to prevent delays and maintain compliance
• Assign inspectors for verification and compliance accountability
• Attach checklists to validate standards and ensure consistent quality
• Compile certification insights from across your organization for informed decisions and immediate action


Document, communicate and implement changes to products, designs or processes.

Quick View
  • We’re manually managing change requests which requires significant effort and hampers effective monitoring and tracking
  • Our change requests are stored across various documents, emails, or spreadsheets, hindering quick access and a unified view of information
  • We have limited visibility into change request status obstructing real-time oversight of pending, approved, or implemented changes
  • The communication and collaboration among our team members involved in the change process is fragmented
  • We lack robust reporting and analysis capabilities to generate comprehensive reports for evaluating the effectiveness of change initiatives
  • By manually managing organizational changes, we risk insufficient documentation, missing approvals, and incomplete audit trails, compromising our compliance with regulations and governance standards
  • Submit, centralize, evaluate and manage change requests for more informed decision making
  • Implement an approval process that considers the complete scope of each change
  • Initiate and track the implementation process at each stage of the change
  • Create and manage budgets associated with each change effectively
  • Maintain a comprehensive audit trail to ensure controlled and compliant execution
  • Capture insights and valuable metrics for continuous improvement on implemented changes


Ensure quality standards with stepped inspection checklists, specification reference, problem log and report exports.

Quick View
  • Our internal inspections rely on manual and semi-automated methods lacking efficiency, standardization and data management capabilities
  • We use printed checklists and struggle to keep them up-to-date, often missing new industry standards and regulations
  • We manually record our observations and findings then transfer it to spreadsheets which is time-consuming and susceptible to errors
  • Our inspectors and evaluators communicate via email for scheduling and sharing information, often leading to miscommunications
  • We store inspection reports, checklists, and related documents in physical logbooks or binders, hampering organization and quick access
  • Enhance operations with customized inspections that align with your business’s unique processes and operations
  • Attach structured checklists for thorough assessments and to maintain industry standards and regulations
  • Easily track inspections progress and associate relevant Parts, Projects, and Drawings
  • Gain full visibility into evaluations with completed checklists and result details
  • Generate comprehensive reports of historical activities and changes to ensure products and processes meet requirements and are in compliance with industry standards


Document and address issues across your organization using a streamlined non-conformance reporting system.

Quick View
  • We lack a centralized way of managing and tracking reported issues, leading to potential inefficiencies and difficulty in prioritizing problems
  • We rely on manual methods for documenting and recording problems, which is time-consuming, error-prone, and inconsistent
  • There’s a lot of miscommunication among our teams when addressing problems, hampering timely action and effective solutions
  • It’s challenging for us to maintain
  • We struggle to conduct thorough root cause analysis, hindering our ability to identify underlying factors
  • We are unable to gather valuable insights, causing missed opportunities for process improvement or to implement proactive measures
  • Implement a structured problem-solving process to detail and address problems encountered within processes and operations
  • Identify non-conforming issues to take the proper steps and ensure compliance
  • Establish a standardized analysis to determine the root cause and pinpoint underlying issues
  • Detail clear instructions for prompt issue resolution and document actionable steps taken to remedy a problem
  • Track metrics to proactively detect potential problems early on to initiate preventive measures and enhance overall operational efficiency


Reinvent, coordinate, and optimize your manufacturing processes using real-time tools. Always be equipped to adapt to change and address issues as they happen.


Catalog engineering drawings with tools that document revisions, changes and other key information.

Quick View

• We have a difficult time managing and organizing technical drawings, which results in confusion for our employees
• We don’t have a current version control system to manage our technical drawings
• Having the ability to provide real-time updates to all teams Involved In production would Improve workflow
• We often deal with confidential Information, so having a way to ensure only authorized personnel can view or modify drawings Is necessary
• Getting ready for audits or Inspection can become challenging when drawings lack organization and easy accessibility

• View your organization’s technical drawings in an easy-to-use centralized platform
• Manage drawing versions using Integrated version control and guarantee different Iterations are tracked and organized
• Share information and updates in real-time with designated posts within drawing details to promote collaboration and communication among team members
• Securely upload and store drawings, granting exclusive access for authorized team members to view or make modifications as necessary
• Maintain a detailed log of activities related to the technical drawings, including who created, uploaded, or edited them


Maintain optimal inventory stock levels while sustaining real-time visibility across your organization.

Quick View

• My organization currently has issues preventing overstocking or stockouts.
• Storage costs are often higher than they need to be due to poor Inventory management.
• Inability to locate necessary parts or components often leads to Inefficiencies.
• Currently, we don’t have an automated process in place to reorder parts when they are out of stock.
• We currently don’t have the ability to analyze data and determine demand.

• Maintain precise part count records to ensure stock remains at an optimal level.
• Keep records of costs, prices, and other finances to improve cost-efficiency.
• Enhance workflow efficiency by effortlessly tracking the location of required components.
• Maintain comprehensive information for each part such as manufacturer name, SKU number, and a detailed description.
• Initiate part reordering directly within the same app.
• View a complete history of transactions and inventory status updates.
• Leverage Insights to analyze data, enhancing Inventory management process and preventing inefficiencies.

Labor Tracking

Document and measure time spent on projects, installations, updates and more.

Quick View
  • It’s time-consuming for our team to manually document the number of hours each employee spent on completing a task
  • Our current process for tracking hours spent on a project are prone to errors and inaccuracies
  • We have limited visibility and find it difficult to manage and analyze labor data
  • Our team struggles to efficiently allocate resources and estimate the amount of time needed to work on a project
  • The lack of real-time insights hampers our decision-making and progress monitoring
  • Effortless employee input for labor hours, directly linked to specific projects and subtasks
  • Simplified time entry with preset and custom hour options
  • Monitoring of time allocation for precise project, step, or action tracking
  • Insights into work category time distribution, personnel, and associated rates
  • Easily analyze hours worked, the number of workers needed to complete a project to accurately plan for future projects


Optimize your supply chain with a view of the items and services purchased for your organization.

Quick View
  • My team’s manual part recording and data entry process is disjointed and error-prone
  • We struggle to maintain accurate inventory records, which leads to overstocking or material shortages
  • The lack of real-time updates in our manual process causes delays in our project deliverables
  • Our team doesn’t have clear visibility into available parts, which hampers efficient allocation and utilization
  • With varied recording practices among our staff, handling diverse part data, including prices, specifications, and suppliers, becomes overwhelming and inconsistent
  • When our team searches for specific parts manually it is time consuming and often can’t find what they need
  • Ensuring compliance with inspections and quality standards is a challenge for us to keep up with
  • Centralize and log manufacturer part numbers, SKUs, and descriptions for quick searches
  • Monitor costs, prices, and tax details for better financial oversight
  • Record unit dimensions and quantities for accurate stock data
  • Link parts to distributor info for efficient reordering, minimizing production delays
  • Effortlessly manage part inventory, tracking quantities and storage locations
  • Gain insight into the complete history of part transactions and inventory movements

Work Order Director

Create, execute and monitor work orders with detailed instructions, resource assignment and time tracking.

Quick View
  • Our manual work order processes are time-consuming, error-prone and involve administrative burdens tied to paperwork, calls, and emails
  • We struggle to track work order progress in real-time which has led to delays and missed deadlines
  • It’s challenging for us to allocate resources based on our manual logs which has led to delays and productivity issues
  • We struggle to monitor worker assignments and individual task progress due to the limited visibility in our manual processes
  • Handling our complex work orders manually, involving multiple steps and various materials is convoluted and error-prone
  • There tends to be a lot of miscommunications among our team members regarding responsibilities which has caused confusion
  • Conveniently access, manage, and oversee work orders in one place
  • Simplify complex jobs with sub-work orders and detailed steps
  • Link to associated projects and sales orders for more details and create work orders with templates
  • View timelines based on projects and labor and access detailed timeframes
  • Gain a comprehensive view of labor allocations, task costs, and worker durations
  • Easily upload drawings for clarity
  • Consolidate Bill of Materials costs with purchase request capabilities

Work Orders

Create, execute and monitor work orders with detailed instructions, resource assignment and time tracking.

Quick View
  • We currently manage work orders manually and use email or physical paperwork to assign tasks to our employees
  • Our managers lack real-time insights into work order progress, hindering decision-making and quality control
  • It’s hard for us to set task priorities and manage schedules which leads to overlapping schedules and project delays
  • We face challenges with appropriately allocating resources and has impacted our cost control efforts
  • There’s a lot of inconsistent miscommunication or misinterpretation of task instructions, disrupting our workflow
  • View a comprehensive list of all work orders to see who is assigned to each task
  • Use the board view to monitor work order progress and update tasks with drag-and-drop actions
  • Employees can instantly view their assignments and access detailed instructions and necessary resources in one place
  • Initiate time tracking to record when an employee begins and ends work on assigned tasks
  • Communicate directly team members for any clarifications or questions about tasks using posts
  • Trigger automatic inspection notifications to ensure quality control before finalizing work orders


Quickly design, customize and deploy apps that work the way your business needs using our patented, on-the-fly, low-code development platform. From basic table-based apps to apps that take advantage of multi-stepped processes, scripts, notifications and other platform capabilities, create the tools to make your business better with Appward.

Checklist Creator

Define stepped process and checklist templates that can be used in any app.

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  • We’re unable to create checklists for our own business processes and operations
  • Our management team gets frustrated by not being able to maintain a consistent process
  • My team keeps missing vital steps that are needed for certain compliance and regulation requirements
  • Our department managers struggle to ensure that all tasks are completed, correctly
  • Create custom lists with clear action items that fit the way your business operates
  • Standardize checklists for all your processes to share and reuse across different applications and departments
  • Set checks with direct requirements to ensure nothing is missed and that you are meeting all requirements
  • Low code development capabilities for easy maintenance and innovation
  • Supervise all active sessions of a checklist to see where the list is being utilized


Design interactive, step-by-step guides so that your employees can jump into new apps confidently.

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• Our company often takes longer than expected to teach our employees how to use new applications
• Communication issues arise during training due to departments being dispersed across multiple locations
• Our employees often face information overload when learning new software due to information not being explained clearly
• We currently don’t have an automated system in place for onboarding new users

• Elevate user experiences by implementing interactive guides for seamless app onboarding
• Provide a well structured tour to ensure everyone in your company is on the same page, regardless of physical location
• Present information to your employees in a clear and concise manner by thoughtfully putting everything into individual steps
• Maximize efficiency by creating reusable tours for consistent application training across your organization