Get your apps together.

Increase collaboration, efficiency and streamline processes with a powerful suite of apps on a unified platform.


Foster collaboration and increase efficiency across your team with a suite of apps that help everyone stay in sync and improve excellent time and task management.


From simple to-do’s to multi-step processes, assign and manage responsibilities across your team from a variety of apps.

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Make sure everyone in your organization or department gets the memo with immediate or scheduled announcements.

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  • We rely on various forms of communication, such as emails, physical message boards, and paper memos
  • Our employees often overlook or skim through important updates or memos leading to misunderstandings or missed information
  • The traditional communication channels we use, like email or physical notices, don’t guarantee consistent reach to all employees, especially those who work in different locations or shifts
  • It’s difficult for us to track whether employees have received or acknowledged important updates or memo
  • Centralize and distribute messages companywide for consistent and widespread communication
  • Utilize the HTML editor to personalize and stylize messages
  • Send announcements immediately or schedule them for later deployment
  • Set up recurring announcements for regular updates, saving time and effort
  • Track views and acknowledgments to ensure accountability and enable follow-up actions
  • Collaborate with team members on announcement messages for consistent and effective messaging before sending


Request, accept, and manage appointments with your team members with integration to your calendar.

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Build a comprehensive and collaborative knowledgebase that highlights talent and shares skills within your growing company.

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Manage and track projects in a collaborative Kanban board that keeps your team on-schedule and in the know.

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• Our team manages all our projects with spreadsheets and are continuously missing information. • We struggle to prioritize tasks or identify bottlenecks, that slow down the overall progress of the project. • We rely on emails and meetings to stay in communication on projects which results in us delaying or missing our deadlines. • It’s becoming increasingly complicated to see when deliverables are ready and or need to be reviewed. • It’s difficult for our management team track progress and understand the status of a project. • When managing projects, we struggle to keep track of which employee is assigned which task. • There’s lack of ownership and responsibility for certain tasks within a project, making it challenging to hold team members accountable for their work.

• Customizable Kanban boards to fit your specific needs and provide a clear view of what tasks are in progress, what has been completed, and what needs to be done next. • Create cards within a board to breakdown all elements associated with an overall project for more manageable tasks and to easily prioritize work items. • Quickly see at-a-glance where a project is at with the most up to date information. • Assign team members to a board or to a specific card task for better project management and accountability. • Share information and updates in real-time with designated posts within project tasks to promote collaboration and communication among team members. • Leverage Gantt charts for full visibility of project timelines and dependencies to make it easier to plan and manage projects while staying ahead of any issues that may arise.


Take control of your schedule with an intuitive and unified calendar app that makes time-management easy.

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Keep track of conversations with customers, prospects, vendors and others, with integrations across other Appward CRM apps.

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Centralize contact information for your customer’s organization with tools for logging communication history to foster lasting connections.

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Forge deeper relationships with customers by tracking interactions across email, meetings, deals and orders.

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Centralize and control access to documents with configurable access and editing permissions.

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Enable real-time collaboration with platform-wide messaging to co-workers and groups.

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  • Our company struggles with fragmented communication and relies on phone calls, in-person meetings, and ad-hoc messaging
  • Maintaining topic context becomes challenging as conversations and information are scattered across multiple people and channels
  • It’s hard for our teams to collaborate and share important information, making our decision-making process slow
  • Our employees are constantly searching through emails, shared drives, and disconnected platforms to locate vital conversations or associated files
  • Enable group and direct messaging, file sharing, and real-time collaboration
  • Keep conversations organized and easily accessible
  • Create dedicated forums and sub-forums regarding different topics or projects, ensuring focused discussions and preventing information from being scattered
  • Easily locate specific information, past conversations, files, or important details
  • At-mention specific individuals or entire groups to notify and communicate directly, facilitating quick responses and targeted discussions


Get immediate access to real-time analytics and configurable dashboards for projects, sales, deals and more.

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Compose, share, and send emails with all-in-one integration across your platform.

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Run your most effective meetings by capturing minutes, assigning action items and setting reminders.

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Draft, organize, and share your ideas with note-taking tools that encourage collaboration.

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Engage a connected workforce with collaborative forums built-in to your suite of apps.

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Time Tracker

Track billable work hours and timesheets for invoicing and documenting work for clients.

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Cultivate customer relationships and manage forecasts and pipeline using an engaging, adaptable repertoire of apps that enriches your selling strategies and transforms leads into sales.


Cultivate and maximize sales pipeline from lead to purchase and beyond.

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Manage field work and maintenance for product and service installations.

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Formulate and send sales quotes to your customers using a singular, streamlined app.

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Support Contracts

Create and maximize the value of service level agreements for both you and your customers with programable alerts and customizations.

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Visualize the location of any of your business resources, including resellers, customers, installations, physical assets and employees.

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Your people are your most precious resource, so it’s important you attract and retaining the best talent. Secure and motivate your dream team by providing an engaging and consistent recruiting, onboarding and evaluation experience with a platform that streamlines and automates the management of your human resources.


Document and catalog personal and employment information about your team.

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  • We manage our employee’s information in various digital and physical locations.
  • We’re consistently finding errors in our employee information due to messy handwriting, piles of paperwork, or lost or missing documents.
  • Since we don’t have a more cohesive way to manage each team members info, our team struggles with overseeing an individual’s time off, training or associated documentation.
  • Our workflow is split up among various solutions that only handle a portion of each employees data.
  • Unify all your employee’s information in a single location to maintain up-to-date and accurate information.
  • Manage an employee’s sick and personal time off requests directly form an employee’s profile.
  • Oversee all training assigned to an individual employee and stay informed on which classes they’ve completed and when.
  • Generate reports specific to each employee without digging for information in different locations or solutions.

Expense Reports

Automate your expense management process from the creation of reports to approval and processing.

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Publish and manage answers to common questions to your entire organization from one place.

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Empower employees with an individualized growth-tracking tool that motivates productivity and learning.

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A full-circle solution for managing your organization's positions, job descriptions, org charts, training requirements and more

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  • We struggle to maintain an organized way to keep our position details up to date and to provide clarity of job descriptions and expectations
  • When onboarding new team members, we are unable to provide them with a structured outline of the roles and responsibilities held within our company
  • Managing training for new employees based on positions has proven difficult for us to maintain a consistent level of skillsets among our team
  • Our HR managers manually manage each position in different ways and have a disconnected process for maintaining and logging department goals and position expectations
  • View organizational structure, job descriptions, hiring requirement information and salary details in one place
  • Define and provide visibility of position expectations and set goals per role, department or the overall company
  • Link training classes to each position for easy onboarding and standardize the way you train new and existing team members
  • Centralize all job descriptions and salary information while keeping track of each employee associated with a position


Take control of your search for talent by organizing applicants, resumes, supporting documents, interview notes and approvals.

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  • Managing our hiring process is disconnected and the other hiring tools we use aren’t enough to track each stage from consideration to offer.
  • Our hiring team struggles with keeping up on the status where each applicant is within our hiring process.
  • We rely on multiple file locations to store job descriptions, resumes, letters of recommendation, school transcripts and other supporting documentation.
  • Our hiring process involves interviews with various team members and it’s difficult for us to connect on feedback and approvals.
  • Create new job openings and associate positions to view job descriptions and requirements all in one interface.
  • Manage and link all applicants’ information, resumes, letters of recommendation, portfolios and other supporting materials to a single opening.
  • Visually see where an applicant is within your hiring process with a step-by-step status that updates each applicant's profile.
  • Involve as many team members in the hiring process and gain visibility into all conversations and notes throughout the interview stage.
  • Take control of your approval process with access to an approver’s thoughts on a candidate, clear visibility for approving a candidate and easy to send approval reminder notifications.


Efficiently and effectively conduct performance evaluations and manage the entire review process in one centralized location.

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  • Our employee review process is disconnected. We struggle to manage each stage of each employee review.
  • It’s hard for us to stay current with giving reviews in a timely manner.
  • We are still dependent on traditional paper-based form filing for reviews.
  • Our HR team finds it difficult to keep notes, goals or feedback organized without having to manage separate folders manually.
  • We are unable to identify areas of work where employees may be struggling or excelling.
  • Connect each review process step and manage it all in a centralized location.
  • Standardize reviews across your organization for increased transparency and accurate assessments.
  • Include other managers or peers to review an employee for a more holistic view of someone’s performance.
  • Set up an approval process for each review that aligns with how you run your business.
  • Foster better communication and collaboration between managers and employees about performance expectations, goals, and feedback.
  • Discover areas where employees may need additional training or support to provide opportunities for growth and development.


Keep track of safety within your company, and all safety incidents.

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  • As a Safety or HR manager, I find it difficult to keep track of all details and accounts taken when an incident occurs within our organization.
  • We normally manage incident reports on individual computers and file cabinets in various file folders.
  • Taking reports of all parties involved is a manual process for us and we are unable to link their accounts to a particular incident.
  • Our team is not kept up to date regarding any changes that stem from an incident.
  • Easy to configure incident types and report fields
  • Visually track the progress of the incident investigation
  • Link all involved parties and their accounts for a full picture of what happened
  • Attach files and photos of the incident for quick referencing
  • Log and manage actions taken to course-correct a situation
  • View all historical information on an incident to stay up to date


Boost morale and success by recognizing employee achievements and hard work.

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  • I want to create a workplace where employees feel valued and appreciated for their hard work.
  • Our company needs to foster an environment where everyone is close-knit and supportive of each other.
  • I would like to have concrete examples of work/employees that align with our culture and vision.
  • Big milestones should be celebrated and spread across the whole team.
  • I want to identify the top performers of my team and inspire others to strive for that type of success.
  • Publish company-wide messages highlighting the hard work of specifically-selected team members.
  • Attach point-based awards to boost team spirit and involvement.
  • Incite engagement and participation from your employees via Likes and Posts for each shoutout.
  • Control the visibility of each shoutout by selecting the notified recipients and determining each shoutout's privacy level.
  • Derive concrete examples of excellent work from shoutout records to inspire and motivate your team.


Optimize your resources for current and upcoming projects by understanding the skills and certifications of your workforce.

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Encourage collaboration and an involved company culture using a suggestions app with configurable privacy adaptations.

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Survey Director

Increase team engagement, collect feedback and get insight into team sentiment using surveys.

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  • Our business struggles to gather feedback from our employees and customers
  • We are unable to create a survey experience that addresses our business needs
  • It’s difficult for our team to send out surveys internally and externally
  • Analyzing results is disconnected, making it unmanageable for our team to review and take action
  • Create custom surveys with text, images and videos
  • Provide an engaging experience with multiple-choice or written response questions
  • Select employees or customers from Contacts to deploy and follow up with your survey
  • Review results with visual charts or by individual responses and download reports for easy sharing


Increase team engagement, collect feedback and get insight into team sentiment using surveys.

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  • We don’t have a way to communicate with our clients or employees to gauge their sentiment towards our products or company
  • Our customer support team struggles to gain participation from surveys or questionnaires they send out
  • When using a survey resource, we found that our recipients have trouble with the link that is forwarded to them
  • Currently, there is no way for us to remind our clients or employees to participate in our survey
  • A simple way for your customers and clients to take a survey
  • Fully accessible links that work on any browser, allowing recipients to participate without any obstacles
  • Customizable surveys that can include images, videos, multiple choice or written response questions to provide a more engaging experience
  • Automatic notifications and reminders are sent to survey participants to increase response rates

Time Off

Manage your employee time-off requests to maintain visibility into schedules and hourly balance.

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  • Our current process of managing time off requests over email is slow and prone to mistakes
  • When our employees submit a new time off request, there’s no easy way for us to check it against existing schedules
  • We don’t see time off requests by department, making it difficult for us to schedule people and projects
  • We manually keep track of time off balances for each employee, which is time-consuming
  • Dedicated workforce management solutions would cost us thousands of dollars per year
  • Automate the entire PTO process with a unified platform
  • Simplify requests, reviews and approvals with time-off forms that initiate an automated process
  • A unified calendar of all shifts and time off requests for seamless scheduling
  • Auto-calculated PTO balances for full transparency
  • Payroll reporting of all related time-off hours for more accurate wages
  • Auto-generate notifications across your team for quicker response times


Create and evaluate intuitive training courses for onboarding new hires, honing your team’s skills, and ensuring compliance.

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  • Employees on our team struggle to stay organized and up-to-date with the training needed for their roles
  • Our training documents and tests are all over the place, requiring our employees to piecemeal together their courses which provides inconsistent training and delays them from either completing or finishing their training
  • We don’t have a solution in place that manages completed courses, making it difficult for our managers to keep up with and remember which classes need to be evaluated
  • Our employees rely on verbal training evaluations and cannot freely review or reference feedback to help them better understand their training
  • An easy-to-use tool for onboarding and training existing employees while keeping them organized and up to date
  • Access all training documentation within each training class (Supported files include: Word Docs, PDFs, Presentations, Images or Videos)
  • Take course tests without being redirected to another portal or website
  • Class completion notifications and reminders sent to trainers and managers via email and in-platform
  • Evaluations and feedback are linked to each class for employees to view and reference at any time

Training Director

Create and evaluate intuitive training courses for onboarding new hires, honing your team’s skills, and ensuring compliance.

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  • Our company doesn’t have a defined protocol for creating or implementing training across our organization
  • My employees receive training from various team members, which results in varying levels of skills being taught
  • Our current training classes have not evolved with our growing business and are difficult to modify
  • I am unable to organize training classes into curriculums or assign them to employees individually or to a department
  • It’s challenging to keep track of an employee's training progress and when they’ve completed a class to be evaluated
  • Create classes that are specific to your processes, policies and tools
  • Provide a rich experience by attaching word docs, pdfs, presentations, videos and images to each class
  • Make tests that score and gauge a trainee's understanding of the class with multiple-choice or written response questions
  • Establish curriculums for individuals and different positions for easy onboarding
  • Receive automatic notifications when a course is completed to help keep you on top of evaluations


Construct efficient processes to complete projects with optimization and agility. Distribute time, resources, and manpower in meaningful ways that maximize your output.


Track organizational assets, their use, maintenance, location, cost, date acquired and more to maximize your investments.

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Keep assets and installations in optimum condition with a streamlined app for specifications, scheduling, history and notifications.

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Schedule, monitor and manage labor resources by Project or Work Order to maximize your productivity.

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View your floor plans with the locations of employees, assets, and work orders.

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  • As an owner, I am not able to view my entire operations to see where each project is being worked on within my warehouse or office
  • Our facility managers don’t have visibility into what or where assets are assigned and are constantly looking for information in multiple areas
  • My IT team struggles to quickly identify where tech assets are within my organization
  • It’s hard for my employees to know what project they are assigned to and where they are needed on our floor
  • A complete aerial vantage point of the entire organization
  • Quickly identify project needs to deploy resources effectively
  • Import image files of your office or shop for an exact representation of floorplans
  • Place the location of projects, assets and people with a simple drag and drop
  • Detailed pop-ups and powerful filtering provide a complete picture of all projects, equipment, materials, employees and other assets associated with a project

Sales Orders

Closely communicate with your organization’s customers and clients to act quickly on orders.

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Special Events

Efficiently manage and coordinate internal and external events, including outings and tradeshows, and seamlessly invite guests to attend

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  • We normally plan company events manually, making it time-consuming, error-prone, and challenging to manage efficiently
  • Our team struggles with centralizing all necessary event information, including guest lists, event details, and RSVPs
  • We struggle with collaboration and communication among our event planning team
  • Managing RSVPs is overwhelming and challenging for us to track attendee numbers accurately
  • Our team tends to miss deadlines and is often disorganized
  • We miss out on opportunities to engage and interact with attendees before, during, and after an event
  • We rely on third-party sites to send out invitations, resulting in a fragmented planning process
  • Manage event logistics, venue information and invites all in one place
  • Select team members to participate in event planning and coordination
  • Access a comprehensive planning calendar displaying timelines for all action items
  • Utilize posts to facilitate quick responses and seamless collaboration
  • Conveniently send event invitations with email and in-platform notifications
  • Effortlessly send guest invitations and easily manage RSVPs



Deliver premium support to your customers, track their issues and share resolutions with your team.

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  • We lack a centralized system for managing customer requests efficiently
  • It is challenging for our team to track and prioritize incoming issues in a timely manner
  • Customer inquiries and internal requests are scattered across emails, phone calls, and other messaging channels
  • Tracking and reporting the status and progress of customer issues is difficult for us to manage
  • We struggle to assign requests to the right team members causing delays and confusion
  • We're unable to gather data and insights hindering our ability to analyze metrics and trends for more informed decisions
  • Valuable information about customer issues and resolutions gets lost and is not effectively captured and shared
  • A centralized platform for managing and tracking all incoming requests, ensuring efficient communication and collaboration among team members
  • Log, categorize and prioritize incoming tickets for better organization and improved workflow management
  • Enable quick assignment and routing of requests to appropriate team members, ensuring prompt responses and timely resolutions
  • Track the status and progress of each request so nothing falls through the cracks and all issues are properly addressed
  • Leverage a repository of past requests and solutions to create a knowledge base for future reference
  • Generate valuable insights to analyze and identify performance metrics and trends for better decision-making and process optimization


Organize and access travel, hotel, and rental arrangements for your moving workforce.

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Maintain the quality and reputation of your products and services by managing your quality policies, standard operating procedures, quality documentation, requirements, auditing procedures and nonconformance activities.


Plan, schedule and execute audits of your processes to ensure safety and compliance with internal and industry policies.

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  • Our managers are currently managing and tracking daily workflow audits manually
  • It’s difficult for our quality and safety teams to determine what’s being done well or to identify where improvements are needed
  • Employees are involved in disconnected processes and spend large amounts of time gathering information, preparing reports, and conducting on-site assessments
  • Create any type of audit needed to oversee your processes and workflows quickly and easily
  • Keep audits organized by attaching files and notes to each individual audit
  • Link checklists with defined step-by-step expectations to conduct audits in a consistent, standardized manner
  • Visually track the progress of each audit and generate reports to help identify and manage any gaps or risks


Document, communicate and implement changes to products, designs or processes.

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Ensure quality standards with stepped inspection checklists, specification reference, problem log and report exports.

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Document and address issues across your organization using a streamlined non-conformance reporting system.

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Reinvent, coordinate, and optimize your manufacturing processes using real-time tools. Always be equipped to adapt to change and address issues as they happen.


Catalog engineering drawings with tools that document revisions, changes and other key information.

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Labor Tracking

Document and measure time spent on projects, installations, updates and more.

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Optimize your supply chain with a view of the items and services purchased for your organization.

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Coordinate any size project with efficient tools that unifies deliverables, documents, responsibilities, timelines and more.

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Work Orders

Create, execute and monitor work orders with detailed instructions, resource assignment and time tracking.

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Supply Chain

Acquire eagle-eye oversight over the steps in your supply chain. Support active communication with your team and partners and effortlessly follow your products as they are processed.


Maintain optimal stock levels and provide up-to-date visibility across your organization.

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Purchase Orders

Execute and track the status of your vendor and supplier purchases.

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Purchase Requests

Allow your team to make purchases with a streamlined process of requesting, accepting, and ordering.

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Document times, dates and locations of shipments received by your organization.

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Oversee all shipments sent out of your organization with acute, real-time accuracy.

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Quickly design, customize and deploy apps that work the way your business needs using our patented, on-the-fly, low-code development platform. From basic table-based apps to apps that take advantage of multi-stepped processes, scripts, notifications and other platform capabilities, create the tools to make your business better with Appward.

App Creator

Build your own custom app to do exactly what you need in an ultra-fast, low-code environment.

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Checklist Creator

Define stepped process and checklist templates that can be used in any app.

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  • We’re unable to create checklists for our own business processes and operations
  • Our management team gets frustrated by not being able to maintain a consistent process
  • My team keeps missing vital steps that are needed for certain compliance and regulation requirements
  • Our department managers struggle to ensure that all tasks are completed, correctly
  • Create custom lists with clear action items that fit the way your business operates
  • Standardize checklists for all your processes to share and reuse across different applications and departments
  • Set checks with direct requirements to ensure nothing is missed and that you are meeting all requirements
  • Low code development capabilities for easy maintenance and innovation
  • Supervise all active sessions of a checklist to see where the list is being utilized

Database Manager

Access database tables to understand and manipulate data structure and format.

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Write and test requests for recalls, calculations, comparisons and combinations of data, as well as adding, changing, or deleting.

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Report Builder

Generate and export nicely formatted reports from databases within your apps.

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Script Hub

Create a library of scripts for your apps that can automate processes including query interaction, validating data, triggering alerts and more.

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Table Builder

Quickly create and configure tables and table-based apps connected to any data source in your organization.

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