About Us

Our Essential Motivations

We believe that all companies have specialized software needs and deserve fully integrated software apps that work exactly the way they need.

Our culture, which represents who we are as a company and as employees, relies upon a strong set of core values. We call these essential motivations and they are at the core of everything we do.


We believe that companies and users deserve substantial control over the functionality of their apps and the experience those apps deliver.

Create & evolve

We are creators at heart and are excited to play a unique role in the creation and evolution of apps and app development.


We avoid complexity and strive to make app development easier to developers and non-developers alike.

Care & empathize

We care about the well-being of our co-workers and users. When they feel bad, we feel bad and are motivated to help.

Inject optimism

We try to see the good in all situations and will foster positivity, even when things are difficult.

Embrace change

We’re flexible to change and we feel great when we’re able to learn new things.


We respect all people and cultures and will do our part to ensure that our company and products are inclusive and welcoming to all.

History of Appward

Appward is an all-in-one software solution with over 80 apps for managing and improving every aspect of your business. Our roots run deep with rich experiences in the software and engineering fields started at ASC Process Systems. Our experiences span over multiple decades, and is strong in manufacturing controls and automation on one end, and in backend business operation systems on the other.

Our founders have significant background in designing and building quality software that’s scalable, flexible and robust. We have built applications that have stood the test of time, our customers love it, and they want more of it. It is this demand and positive reinforcement that made us realize that we can take what we have to the next level. Enter Appward.

In 2017, with first employee onboard, we started laying the architectural groundwork and built the Platform utilizing the latest technologies and best practices. Then came two employees, and six, and ten … and the Appward platform keeps growing, enriching, and showing strong and healthy signs that its uniqueness and advantages are strong differentiating factors to be reckoned. So, it is with such history and hard learned principles is where we started our journey.

Appward Address

25060 Ave Stanford, Suite 250
Santa Clarita, CA