The connected desktop

Appward Safety Management Software that Keeps Your Employees Safe and Sound

Everything your organization does is connected. Your apps should be too. Business is complicated enough without the added confusion and silos caused by uncoordinated software and processes. We’re here to help you streamline and simplify.

Align your team, projects and processes with connected tools that encourage collaboration across departments and gain the real-time insight and 360º visibility into your business’ performance that you need to succeed.

Plus, it works this way straight out of the box.

Jump to the front lines

It’s just not efficient to manage communication separate from the projects, customers, leads, orders, or anything you’re discussing. That’s why we built a robust messaging system into both the Appward desktop and every single app. You no longer have to go back and forth between your messaging app and your business apps. Whether you are sending direct messages, participating in a channel conversation or collaborating with posts within a particular record, you always get the context and immediacy you need, right in your Appward desktop.

  • Jump in and discuss topics in context using Posts embedded in each record
  • Notify co-workers using @mentions with AppShare™ links that bring them directly to the records being discussed
  • Communicate across the platform with immediacy using direct messages
  • Engage in topic-based conversations using Forums

Everyone in lock-step

Disconnected applications can’t give you the real-time visibility needed to make informed decisions. They also tend to encourage inconsistent and inefficient processes. Bring your organization together with platform-wide analytics, process management and associations that connect records across Appward apps.

  • Monitor your metrics, data, and other analytics across apps with Insights
  • Validate decisions across departments with Approvals
  • Define your operating procedures to improve consistent processes using Checklists

Self-serve setup 

Setting up your business software shouldn’t require months of effort. On Appward, you can set up your organization, import your data and immediately start taking control of your business. Create users and specify their permissions and access with intuitive controls. Once they’re in, employees can take advantage of built-in on-screen Tours for a visual guide to the platform and apps, so everyone in the organization can get up and running ASAP. 

  • Get everyone up and running with in-app Tours for a guide through app features
  • Control access to sensitive documents and applications with security Roles

Developer friendly.

Also, non-developer friendly.

Your business is not like everyone else’s, so it seems likely that what you need from your software would be similarly unique. Making your software work for you, however, hasn’t been easy. You’ve probably heard a story or two about companies buying into software solutions only to get sucked into a months or years-long implementation process. It can cost you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to simply create the custom reports and functionality needed to run your business. After going through this time-consuming and expensive experience ourselves, we set out to create an easier and faster approach. 

With the Appward development platform, you get a comprehensive toolset for editing and building apps from scratch, as well as creating the reports and visualizations you need.

  • Customize apps, build from scratch and create the reports you need with a comprehensive rapid app developer toolset
  • Rapid app development environment enabling execution in 1/20 the time of typical development
Appward low-code development environment

Multiple platforms in one

Just because your business has a lot of moving parts, it doesn’t mean you want a lot of different software solutions to manage it. With Appward, you get the benefits of a dozen business software platforms in one, making it faster and easier for you to implement and use. It also cuts down on the number of subscription bills you get.