We’ve assembled a team of experienced leaders, skilled developers and creative designers. With unique and extensive expertise in our individual fields, we’ve combined industry experience, talents, and backgrounds to create a solution that addresses the overlooked needs of small businesses. The Appward product reflects not only our knowledge, but us as people. Let us introduce ourselves!


Dave Mason

Founder & CEO

Dave is a multi-discipline engineer, software developer, inventor and entrepreneur who, not only runs Appward, but is also President and owner of our sister company ASC Process Systems. Dave built ASC over 30+ years to be the leading manufacturer of aerospace autoclaves in the US. Since the early days, Dave has designed and developed most…

Raffi Dér Khorenian

Co-Founder & COO

Raffi got a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the American University of Beirut, his hometown. He got the software bug back in those early days infusing intelligence into electro-mechanical systems. He pursued that passion further with a Masters degree from Clemson University, and from there landed his first software engineering job in Los Angeles with…

Gudrun Mason


Gudrun is Dave’s wife and partner in crime in starting up Appward. She works full time at ASC as VP and CFO, and part time at Appward as she imparts wisdom from her significant experience in finance, accounting, contracts, strategy and administration matters. She hails from Innsbruck, Austria, and can speak multiple languages. She came…

Tony Cariddi


After getting a BA in Political Science from University of Colorado at Boulder, Tony dove into the media technology space with aspirations to pursue a career in songwriting and music production. Starting out in sales roles, he transitioned to marketing where he could apply creativity to product strategy, storytelling, and marketing campaigns. Over the past…

App Development

Nico Martinez

App Development Manager

Nico received his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. During school he fell in love with programming and automation while working with robots. Escaping the Minnesota winter, he moved to Santa Clarita, CA where he landed a job at ASC Process Systems as a Controls Engineer. There, Nico got experience in…

Becky Weiss

App Developer III

Becky is an App Developer responsible for building sales, analytics and a customer-facing suite of applications in the Appward ecosystem. She received her bachelor’s degree in Theater Arts from Hendrix College and her MFA in Theatrical Design from University of Florida. Becky loves telling stories, playing board games and used to host a ghost themed…

Erika Memije

App Developer II

Erika is an App Developer responsible for building HR-related and project management applications in Appward’s ecosystem. She received her bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Statistics from CSUN. She has great taste for excellent UI styles. In a previous life, she has modeled for products sold on Amazon.

Parelee Tahmasian

App Developer II

Parelee is an App Developer at the company who joined us after deciding to switch careers from sales and retail. She is an entrepreneur herself in founding her own tutoring company. She got her degree in Psychology from University of Phoenix. She is responsible for the development of business and productivity apps in Appward. When…

Henry Parras

App Developer II

Henry joined us in November of 2021 after finishing up a coding bootcamp from UCLA. He is responsible for the development of business and productivity apps within our Platform. In his free time, Henry plays the piano and enjoys spending time with his daughter.

Paul Ko

App Developer I

Paul joined our App Development team after graduating from the Hack Reactor bootcamp. In his previous life, Paul was an IRS agent after graduating from USC with a master’s in business taxation. He’s done accounting too but decided to pursue his software passion fulltime. We are happy he made that decision! In his spare time,…

Cameron De Robertis

App Developer II

Cameron is one of our App Developers, joining us after graduating from Coding Dojo with top marks. He made a career switch after being an ICU nurse for 5 years. He has a knack for front end UI design and integrations. In his spare time, he loves collecting board games and movies … something about…

Brandon Taylor

App Developer I

Brandon comes from a technical and customer service background, studying computer science at school and working as customer support for a payment service provider. He has experience in web development after previously interning as a web developer and graduating from Coding Dojo with highest honors. One of his favorite early jobs was working as a…

Core Development

Vlad Grigoryan

Core Development Manager

Vlad received his bachelor’s degree in Economics from University of California, Berkeley, after which he joined a fin-tech company in San Francisco. After a brief exposure to working with developers there and providing business logic and specs for financial software, he decided to dive fully into tech and learn to code himself. He came back…

Vahag Sinanian

Core Developer II

Vahag is a Core developer working on building complex data storage structures for our Platform. He is our in-house expert on database related matters and secure content management handling. He’s one of the first hires at Appward and has done an amazing job building our own scripting engine. He graduated with a Master of Computer…

Jonathan Hong

Core Developer II

Jon is a Core developer working on building new visual widgets and features for the Platform. He has a knack for API integrations and zooms through finding and fixing bugs. He made a career switch from the insurance industry after graduating from Coding Dojo bootcamp. He has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from UC Irvine….

Jimmy Wang

Core Developer II

Jimmy is a Core developer working on building complex, data-intensive, high-performance widgets and has a general creativity for developing system-wide features for the Platform. He has a knack for data and how that needs to be handled for optimizing performance. He received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from UC Irvine. When not thinking about…

Philip Bolin

Core Developer II

Philip is a Core developer working on building amazing new classes and features for Appward’s platform. Not to brag, but our own File Explorer interface is his handy work. He received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from CSUN. When needed, Philip can be a really good beat boxer.

Brandon Pacol

Core Developer I

Brandon is one of our Core Developers, joining us after graduating from CSUN in Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude. He loves exploring his creative design side, especially when it comes to making music. He created a Spotify “Clean Convertor” app, joining his two passions of sound and software. Now, he’s letting his creativity shine through…

Marketing, Sales & Support

Jenn Sistilli

Director of Demand Generation

Jenn comes to us from the world of entertainment. She started making her mark in marketing after a long stint in radio as a producer and personality for local radio stations in Los Angeles and Dallas and nationally for E! Entertainment and Playboy Radio on Sirius/XM. She was fortunate to have interviewed some of the…

Ahrin Meguerian

Technical Support Specialist I

Ahrin received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from CSUN. He made the switch from Chemistry to Computer Science after taking a summer class and finding his passion in Human Computer Interaction. Prior to joining Appward, Ahrin did an internship where he designed and developed the front end for a browser based educational game. Outside…

Alexander Chakhoyan

Graphic Designer

Alexander is our in-house all-things graphics and video guru. He joined Appward in January of 2022 and brings with him significant video production and animation design experience from working in the industry. His first graphic design was in 1986 on an Electronica BK-0010 model! He was born and raised in Armenia. In 2017 migrated to…