Organizations achieve more when the definitions and expectations of departments and roles are clear and consistent. However, managing job descriptions, role responsibilities, org charts, department mandates, and training requirements can be tedious and time-consuming. This can lead to outdated information and confusion. Set your business up for success by taking control of your organizational structure and giving your employees visibility and clarity with Positions.

Ensure all job descriptions are up-to-date and accurate for better recruiting and training

  • Easily view and edit job descriptions, hiring requirements, role expectations, goals and salary details in one place
  • Add new roles and associate employees with each position group for easy referencing
  • Identify gaps among your positions to make better-informed decisions for recruiting and development and to allocate resources strategically

Link training classes to each position for standardized training among all employees and new hires

  • Using Training Director, curate training curriculums per position to help employees best understand their role, responsibilities and expectations
  • Provide consistent training to balance skillsets among team members evenly
  • Encourage professional growth with complete transparency for employees to view open opportunities within your organization and what skills are needed for advancement

Refine how you communicate your company’s internal structure for better clarity on how your organization operates.