Most companies today are relying on manually filling out performance review forms and storing them in physical personnel files, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Having a more automated and connected employee performance review solution in place can help businesses keep better track of employee performance and provide ongoing feedback to improve employee engagement, performance, and growth.

Appward’s Reviews app is a one-stop app that can facilitate your multi-stepped performance reviews with multiple reviewers and streamline your approval process. Set clear goals and expectations for each employee, measure progress towards goals and provide constructive feedback to help improve performance to best align employee goals with company objectives. Ultimately leading to higher levels of job satisfaction and improved business results.

Standardize and streamline your entire performance review process.

  • Establish review types for all possible review scenarios that align with your business.
  • Associate a checklist with each review to ensure you are covering everything you would like to address with each review.
  • Add multiple reviewers for a more holistic view of an employee’s performance.
  • Create an approval process that is suited to your team to best manage and maintain a consistent review process.

Visually track progress, log review meeting notes and set goals per employee on a single screen.

  • Quickly identify which stage of the review process with a visual progress bar along with the status of each reviewer’s participation.
  • Take and house notes about your review meeting for easy referencing within the same screen.
  • Establish and manage goals, additional training or support to help provide opportunities to encourage development and growth.

Communicate more effectively about performance expectations, goals, and feedback.

  • Make your review feedback visible to your employees to help them self-evaluate and reference.
  • Maintain an open dialogue with your team members in accordance with each review to allow for easy communication and participation.
  • Send reminders to Members, Reviewers and Approvers to ensure you are able to complete a review of an employee in a timely manner.

Support year-round performance by facilitating a more streamlined review process that provides clear objectives and goals for employee and team success.

Reviews App Features

  • Keep track of every review after it’s been initiated and visually stay on top of your process with an active progress bar, colorful status updates and the ability to attach files associated with each review directly to each record.

  • No need to jump from file to file or from one solution to another. Manage all components of a review in a single window and link checklists to each review so you cover all your bases.

  • Maintain an open line of communication between the main reviewer and members with Posts for constructive conversations to take place.

  • Quickly identify when the Review for an employee needs to be completed by along with a visual status and approvals progress bar to show where a review is at within your process.
  • Simply click on anyone within your organization to participate in a review with automatic reminders sent to reviewers to complete their assessments in a timely manner.

  • Each reviewer can type up their contribution within an HTML editor for easy styling and to call out important feedback.

  • Each reviewer can rate an employee’s performance and indicate when they are finished so you can best mold your overall evaluation.

  • Once each reviewer has added their feedback, the Main Reviewer or a Member can decide whether to make the comments visible to the reviewed employee.

  • Apply checklists for each reviewer to go through as they make their assessment, ensuring they are taking your company objectives or any other company considerations under advisement when reviewing an employee. As a reviewer ticks off the checks listed, the progress bar indicating where they are at within the review process will update accordingly.

  • View all activity of each reviewer in the History tab.
  • Set up an approval process based on the way your organization runs. Whether there it’s a multi-staged approval process with multiple participants or just a one-step approval.

  • Label each stage of your approval process and assign who you would like to approve within that part of your process.

  • Set a deadline date for each approver so they are aware of when they need to approve.

  • Select managers within your organization and add them as members so they can review the feedback provided by each reviewer they can approve or reject properly.

  • Send notifications to each approver, letting them know they are part of the approval process.

  • An approver simply checks off whether a review is approved or rejected and can easily add comments.
  • With approvers as members, they have full visibility into all review comments, feedback, posts and meeting information of an employee’s review.

  • If a review needs to be modified, you can reset an approver’s status so you can start the approval process over again or allow an approver to change their response based on any new information.

  • Send individual reminder notifications to approvers to help them remember to submit their approval responses before a deadline.
  • Initiate a time tracker for your review meeting to keep track of the duration of your meeting.

  • Pause the time tracker in the event your meeting gets interrupted or reset the timer in case you need to reschedule.

  • Access the feedback given by all reviewers and easily toggle between reviewers so you can reference their assessments during your meeting.

  • During your meeting use the HTML editor for easy note-taking to store any comments or feedback discussed for future reference.

  • Establish goals that stem from each review within the same window to easily manage an employee’s progress in achieving a new skill or bettering an employee’s outlook.

  • Add your own company goal types to align your company values and operations with the development and growth for each employee.

  • Title each goal you are setting with a description to identify your goal’s purpose and quickly locate it to track progress.

  • Set timelines for each goal to be accomplished or re-evaluated to maintain transparency and clearly state expectations.
  • As a main reviewer or member of a particular Review, you can directly communicate with team members and share feedback within the Posts messaging tab. Posts is built into each individual Review, so you are always communicating in context of the review you are a part of.

  • Add @ Mentions to send Notifications to individuals or groups right in the Appward sidebar.

  • Liking messages in Posts with a single click of the thumbs-up icon and it will automatically trigger a Notification to the person who authored the post, letting them know you saw their note.

  • Attach documents, images, media and AppShare direct deep links to any record to and from any Appward app.

  • Enlarge any attached document, image or media by double-clicking the file.

  • Edit your message by clicking on the pencil icon if you need to modify or update your note.

  • Authors of each message posted can delete their own comments.

Share links that direct you right to specific records in Appward with AppShare. Request and respond to feedback immediately with contextual messaging built into every Appward app.