Training Director

A knowledgeable, engaged, and happy workforce is vital to any organization. This starts with onboarding new employees and continues with keeping existing ones at the top of their game. To do this consistently and effectively, you need an easy way to create, deploy and manage training classes to your organization. Training Director, along with the Training app, is a complete learning management solution for course authoring, assigning and evaluating training classes that align with the way you do business.

Create training courses specific to your processes, policies and tools

  • Create classes using text, images and video to create a rich experience
  • Include test questions using multiple choice or written response
  • Define time duration and recurrences

Organize training curriculums by position 

  • Create curriculums for employees in the same Positions
  • Group related classes together as a Series

Track and evaluate

  • Create tests to determine the effectiveness of each class 
  • Track employee progress across classes
  • Evaluate and provide feedback to ensure comprehension

Strengthen your workforce with training that supports your business while empowering your team to do their best work. 

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