Whether you are overseeing a warehouse, factory, shop, or office, it’s important to know the location and status of your assets so you know how to allocate resources. From personnel and assets to projects and work orders, Pinpoint brings your business to life with a graphic bird’s eye view of your entire business.

Map your organization to quickly locate projects and assets

  • Upload your business’s floorplans with any image file
  • Assign visuals for each project and asset for quick reference
  • Quickly search for employees, assets and projects for quick navigation

Allocate your resources on the fly with a single point and click

  • Zoom in and out to focus on specific areas or projects
  • Easily drag and drop icons on your floorplan to distribute resources and assign projects
  • Click on any icon to identify the project, personnel or asset

Every detail linked together in a single window

  • Instantly see who’s assigned to a work area or project
  • Gather all the information your need with a single click
  • View all other related pins associated with each project, asset and employee

Assign people and resources with ease

  • Look up a particular work order, employee, or asset to identify where to find them
  • Filter what you are looking for throughout all areas by pin or by type
  • Employees can look for their daily assignments

Engage with customers and team members to gain valuable insights and improve customer satisfaction.