When running a business, audits are inevitable and without a solution in place, audits are often handled manually. Conducting audits is a time-consuming and error-prone process, and it can be difficult to track the status of individual audits.

The Audits app, can simplify your business's internal audit process, reduce manual effort, and ensure audits are conducted in a consistent, standardized manner. Having a flexible audit solution is essential for organizations to achieve their objectives and maintain their competitive edge.

  • Appward Audits App adding a new audit.
  • Appward Audits App, general tab
  • Appward Audits App - Checklists Tab
  • Appward Audits App - Files Tab
  • Appward Audits App - Notes Tab

Quickly and easily start a new audit when you need to

  • Create different kinds of audits to evaluate operations and find ways to make improvements
  • Integrate checklists to maintain a reliable and regimented process
  • Attach files and notes to keep all components of an audit in a single location

Track and assess results of individual audits

  • Visually track the progress of each audit from draft mode to completion
  • Score each audit according to company standards to instantly know if an audit passes or fails
  • Generate reports for each audit to help identify and manage any gaps or risks
  • Appward Audits App general tab highlighting progress bar.
  • Audits App Results Tab featuring scoring and takeaway notes.
  • Audits App Results Tab featuring scoring and report.

Audits App Features

  • Input clear and concise instructions for each audit and access them at any stage of the audit process
  • Track audit progress with a visual progress bar that clearly displays statuses of pending, active, paused, evaluate, and completed
  • Associate audits with relevant Projects that require auditing
  • Identify the type of audit being conducted, along with the due date, auditor, and department responsible for the audit
  • Specify if the current audit is a result of a previous one
    Initiate a Change based on the results of an audit
  • Keep accurate records of the time spent on each audit with the Time Log feature
  • Manage all files associated with each audit without having to look through various locations to gather necessary information
  • Store documents, images or other media-rich files that are affiliated with each audit
  • Select and upload files directly from your computer and store them within an audit record file
  • Access the Appward cloud file explorer and select files from organizational, personal and public folders
  • Link files from Appward’s Document system via Documents
  • Edit and change files after uploading
  • Download files directly to your computer
  • Use arrow keys to organize files
  • Pop-out each file into its own window to view it at scale
  • Add one or multiple relevant checklists to each audit using Checklist Creator.
  • Visually monitor the progress of each associated checklist
  • Set a start and end date for each checklist for accurate tracking
  • Instantly view a checklist’s score and determine whether it passed or failed
  • Begin and end checklists in a hassle-free manner
  • Generate comprehensive reports to analyze audit performance
  • Take and log notes directly in a card to keep information in context
  • Organize notes within folders for quick navigation
  • Use HTML editor to format notes and highlight key information accordingly
  • Create notes with the drawing tool for quick visual concept of ideas
  • Deleted notes are auto-stored in a Deleted Items folder for retrieval if needed
  • Add @-mentions to send Notifications to individuals or groups right in the Appward sidebar
  • Like messages in Posts with a single click of the thumbs-up icon to automatically trigger a Notification
  • Attach documents, images, media and AppShare direct deep links to any record to and from any Appward app.
  • Enlarge any attached document, image or media by double-clicking the file
  • Edit your message by clicking on the pencil icon if you need to modify or update your note
  • Authors of each message posted can delete their own comments
  • Evaluate each aspect of the audit with clear and concise scoring on Policy, Understanding, Evidence, Problems, and Opportunities for Improvement
  • Initiate Change requests seamlessly from the Audits interface
  • Input the number of days until the next scheduled audit for proactive planning
  • Close and mark audits as complete with ease.
  • Access valuable audit takeaways to identify areas of improvement
  • Generate detailed reports to measure performance and identify areas for growth
  • Quickly generate comprehensive reports to analyze audit data
  • Customize reports to focus on specific areas of the audit process
  • Export reports in various formats, including PDF and Excel
  • Utilize reports to identify trends and areas of improvement
  • Share reports with stakeholders for collaboration and decision-making

Simplify how you plan, execute, and manage your business’s audit process.