Tony Cariddi

After getting a BA in Political Science from University of Colorado at Boulder, Tony dove into the media technology space with aspirations to pursue a career in songwriting and music production. Starting out in sales roles, he transitioned to marketing where he could apply creativity to product strategy, storytelling, and marketing campaigns. Over the past 15 years, Tony has led global product and marketing efforts for technology companies in B2C and B2B markets, including Dolby Laboratories, Avid and various startups, where he’s managed marketing for some of the industry’s strongest brands and led over 100 product launches. Over the course of his career, Tony’s secured the reputation for creating strategic, effective marketing programs and leading efficient execution. Outside of work, his favorite things to do include spending time with his wife and three kids, playing guitar, and cooking.

Brandon Taylor

Monday August 22, 2022 - 1 min read