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Friday March 8, 2024-4 min read


In any organizational setup, maintaining a structured, secure, and easily accessible file system is crucial. Within Appward’s suite of applications, you can attach files to specific records via the dedicated Files tab.

Adding a File to a record

Let’s go through the process of adding a file to a record. For the purposes of this guide, let’s take a look at Certifications.

This will bring up the record’s frontline. Navigate to the Files tab.

In the Files tab, you can start to add files that you want to keep in this record.

This will bring up different options you can use to upload a file.

You’ll then be asked if you’d like to change the description of the file. This won’t change it’s path in your organization’s file explorer.

After uploading your selected file, it will be viewable and downloadable in the Files tab.

When hovering over the file description on the left side, a few more functions become available.

Download – This button allows you to save a copy of the file to your local device or computer.

Edit – With the Edit button, you can edit the details of the file, such as its title or description.

Delete – This function removes the selected file from the record.

Move index – The arrow buttons allow you to rearrange the order in which files are displayed within the Files tab. By using the up and down arrow keys, you can change the order of the files based on preference and priority.

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