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How to set up a ScreenTab within a Flyout

Friday August 19, 2022-1 min read


Height: 35

Style: Shiftin Line

Alignment: left

tabHeight: 25

TabPositioning: Top

TabSeperation: 3

BorderColor: UserResources –> FrameBorderColor

LineWidth: 4

LineColor: UserResources –> LabelColor

CaptionAlignment: Center

Font: Poppins

FontSize: 11

FontWeight: Normal

ForeColor: UserResources –> TabForeColor

BackColor: White,0

DeselectedForeColor: UserResources –> TabDeselectedForeColor

DeselectedBackColor: White,0

HoverColor: White,0


Width: 100 (use discretion)

LineLength: 80 (20 less that with of tab)


Tabs should select the first tab on open, unless the intent is to take the user to a specific point in the process of a record. 


TabSelect OnClick: This should only update the FormSource, and send to client. The Screen that it is setting should contain any logic it needs, as well as any ShowRecord function for updating when changing records. See the example below as a refrence.

MyGrandParent.frmForm\Source = ".scrnDetails"

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