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Friday March 8, 2024-7 min read


Posts serve as an integrated in-app chat log, enabling users to share updates and communicate with colleagues within the details of a record. You can use @-symbol mentions during the creation of a post to mention specific individuals, or departments within your organization. Sending a mention enables the recipient to directly access the record the the post was written in a quick and easy way. This ensure that everything is kept in context and the individuals involved with the the content of a post can communicate in a clear and effective way. Additionally, you can like and reply to posts, which is a meaningful way of acknowledging what others in your organization have to say.

Adding a post to a record

To gain a better understanding of how you can utilize posts to communicate effectively with other members of your organization, let’s walk through the process of creating a post and exploring all its features. Start by selecting a record from your app of choice. For the purposes of this guide,  let’s explore how posts can be used in the Meetings app.

To add a new post, press the +Add post button.

This will bring up the Add post popup, where you can fill in the details of your post.

Add discussion post – This is where you can provide the details of a post. You also have access to a feature rich HTML editor giving you the ability to customize the contents of your post exactly the way you need it to be.

Mentions: You can use mentions by @-tagging specific individuals to notify them about the post. This helps facilitate smooth communication and sends notifications directly to the recipients’ workspace. Whether it’s one person or an entire department, within your organization, the flexibility of mentions allows for the effective flow of communication at all times. 

Quick responses – You can use customized quick responses for an easy and convenient way to respond to a post.

Mark mention notifications as urgent – You can highlight the importance of your post by marking your mention as urgent. This will notify the recipient that your mention is important and should be acknowledged as soon as possible.

Add file – Click Add file to easily attach files of all types to your posts. After pressing Add file, you’ll be presented with four different ways of selecting a file.

Computer: Select and upload files from your current computer. These files will be placed within the folder of the app’s record.

Appward cloud: Accesses the Appward file explorer , where you can select files of all types from your organization, personal, or public folders.

Video from external platform: Select a file in video format from a platform outside of Appward.

Clipboard: Select an image that is currently copied to your clipboard and paste it to the destination folder.

Once your file has been uploaded, you will see a preview of it within the Add post popup. 

Clear – To clear the information you have entered in the Add post popup, click the Clear button.

Likes – Show some extra positivity to your peers by giving positive feedback or approval for a specific post using likes. Just click on the “Like” or “Thumbs-up” icon to acknowledge their message or let them know you agree with what’s been said.

How to use AppShare™

Appward’s AppShare  is an easy way to reference records from other applications within the details of a post. You can use AppShare™ by typing the “#” symbol which will bring up a menu where you can select from a list of existing records within your organization. Let’s go over the steps of adding a direct link to a record to your post using AppShare™ .

Type the # symbol to trigger the AppShare™  popup.

In this popup, you’ll see a list of different objects you can select from. For example, if your plan is to add a record from the Actions app to your post, opt for the “Action” object.  To further filter down the list of objects, you can use the provided search bar and search for specific records.

After selecting the record, it will be displayed as a link within the content of the post.

Your AppShare™ link is now active. You can click on it to go directly to the record referenced.

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