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Friday March 8, 2024-5 min read


In Appward, Relations are defined as two or more records that have been linked together. Creating this link between records allows for the meaningful connection between various data points. By defining Relations, you can establish associations, dependencies, or correlations among records providing a deeper insight how data is being used across the platform. 

How to add a relation

Let’s take a look at how relations can be used in the Trips  app.

After selecting a record, navigate to the Relations tab.

You can add a new relation by pressing the + icon in the top left corner of this tab.

After pressing the add button, you’ll be shown the Add relation popup.

Select object – You can search for and define the object that is going to be related to the record. A simple way to think about this is that if you want to link a record from the Projects app, you should search for the Project object.  In this guide, we’ll be linking a record from Projects to a record from Trips.

Select record – After narrowing down the object you are going to be selecting the related record from, you can narrow it down by the specific record. Similar to selecting the object, you can search for specific words or terms that fit what you’re searching for.

Describe the relationship – Provide additional context if necessary in the Describe the relationship field. By default, this field will populate with “Related Object Name”.

Submit – When you’re ready to finalize the relation, click Submit to add it to the Relations tab.

Cancel – You can press Cancel to stop the process of adding the relation.

Your newly added relation will now be visible in the Relations tab.

Jump to record – You can also jump to the related record if you need to be clicking on the external link icon that can be found on the right side of the record row. 

If you need to edit or delete the relation from the record, you can do so by clicking on the Edit(pencil) or Delete(x) icons.

Edit – Edit the linked relation.

Delete – Delete the linked relation from the record. 

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