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An entirely better way to evaluate software for your organization

Introducing Appward Test Drive

The process of choosing software for your business or organization can take a lot of time and create a lot of stress. After all, there’s a lot on the line. It needs to fit your requirements, do what you need it to do, and do it in an intuitive way. Plus, making that decision can mean a commitment in terms of time, resources and money. And if the solution ends up not working out, it also means a lot of wasted time. When running a business, there’s too much at stake to make risky decisions. We set out to help organizations minimized these risks with an approach that gives them the experience of evaluating the Appward all-in-one collaborative workspace in a real-world environment.

The evolution from scripted demos and time limited trials

Do you find it frustrating that a lot of business software companies require you to sign-up for a meeting just to talk about scheduling another meeting where they finally let you see their product in a canned, scripted demo? We did. Perhaps they don’t think you’re smart enough to find your way around. Or maybe they’re worried that their product is too complicated to understand without a guide. Either way, we wanted to make it easy for you busy folks out there who have a lot of work on their plate and need a better, more transparent way to evaluate software for their organization.

Sure, we could have settled with creating a free trial (which is available as well), but it’s often difficult to understand how a software product really works until you see it in action. That means even signing up for a time-limited trial turns into a commitment. You start a software trial, open it up and it’s a completely blank slate. It’s entirely up to you to invest your time to add information, records, documents, etc. before you can start understanding how it works and if it works for you. We think that’s asking a lot.

The Test Drive Experience

Appward Test Drive is a live self-guided demo where you can experience using Appward in a sample organization called Test Drive LLC. We created it so you could log in and check out a fully functioning instance of our software for yourself, at your own pace, on your own time. It’s a great approach for evaluating software because it’s quick, easy, there’s no obligation and no credit card required. Plus, it just may be the first of it’s kind as a live public demo. (DM me to let me know if you find another!)

When signing in to Test Drive, you select one of eight personas. These are imaginary employees of the fictitious organization, Test Drive, LLC. Once you’re in, you’ll see that we’ve populated most apps with examples to help you better understand how the different apps and features work. You’ll interact as your selected persona and have full access to over 80 apps and capabilities within the platform.

We made a lot of preparations so that your experience smooth and, above all, valuable. After all, you’re there to become as informed as possible. From the time you enter the Test Drive workspace, and with each app you launch, we’ll present you with help guides, interactive tours and videos that will give you information about the platform, apps, and Front Line features.

During your Test Drive, feel free to interact with the demo records and add new ones. And if you want to test things out with your colleagues, you can interact with them once they’ve sign in as well.

Of course, we’d be thrilled to meet with you to answer questions and take you through a demo when you’re ready.

Until then, come on over to Appward and check it out.

Tony Cariddi

Tuesday March 19, 2024 - 3 min read