Special Events

Organizing company events manually is time-consuming and demands significant effort from team members to juggle multiple tasks, coordinate with stakeholders, and manage various details. Often relying on third-party sites like Evite to handle invites and guestlists.

Leveraging the Appward Special Events app enables your team to efficiently manage all aspects of event planning in a centralized hub. Optimize your resources, save time, and ultimately achieve event objectives while providing an exceptional experience for attendees.

Effectively manage event logistics, venue information, and invites in one place

  • Generate various types of events, anything, from company lunches to holiday parties
  • Store venue information within Companies for future use
  • Include special instructions for events to keep all event and planning members informed
  • Select team members to participate in event planning and coordination
  • Create specific responsibilities to be assigned to team members
  • Access a comprehensive planning calendar displaying timelines for all action items

Allocate and collaborate planning efforts in real-time

  • Create and assign planning tasks to one or multiple team members for streamlined coordination
  • Utilize Posts to facilitate quick responses and seamless collaboration among planning members for effective communication
  • Enable exclusive discussions among members for confidential or sensitive conversations
  • Centralize event planning notes to ensure everyone stays informed
  • Store all event-related documents and contracts in Files for convenient access and easy reference

Simplify the process of sending out invitations, tracking RSVPs, and managing guest lists

  • Curate guest lists comprising internal and external invitees
  • Conveniently send event invitations with email and in-platform notifications
  • Effortlessly oversee and manage RSVPs to keep track of attendee responses
  • Send reminder notifications to guests for timely event reminders
  • Send messages to guests with updates or announcements prior to the event

Guests can effortlessly manage invitations and RSVPs

  • Recipients can simply access invitations through email or in-platform notifications
  • Invitees can access all event information and location details within the context of a map
  • Guests can easily RSVP and specify the number of additional accompanying guests
  • Recipients can provide comments and communicate directly with event members
  • RSVPs can be modified by guests at any time as needed

Special Events Features

  • Create distinct event categories for easy sorting and quick identification
  • Choose Event Members to ensure constant communication with stakeholders
  • Determine event start and end dates, along with specific timings
  • Include the event in the Organization’s Special Events Calendar
  • Provide a visual map of the event location
  • Highlight important instructions for event members to be aware of
  • Add a detailed event description for additional information
  • Easily track Invitee RSVP statistics for a quick overview
  • Generate a list of planning tasks to be completed
  • Determine if tasks will be handled internally or outsourced to a third party
  • Delegate planning tasks to appropriate team members
  • Develop a planning timeline and incorporate it into an Actions Calendar
  • Create a comprehensive To-Do checklist to ensure all necessary steps are covered within each task
  • Maintain direct communication with team members through posts to update progress
  • Monitor the status of each action item
  • Select guests from Contacts and add invitees to the guest list
  • Generate invitations containing event details
  • Track and manage RSVPs
  • Gain complete visibility into invitation statistics, including the number of invitees, invitations sent, and pending responses
  • Easily identify the number of attending, tentative, and unable-to-attend guests
  • Filter guest responses to view individual RSVPs Send reminder notifications or messages with event updates or changes
  • Receive event invitations via email and in-platform notifications
  • Access comprehensive event details, including RSVP deadline date
  • Identify event planning members involved
  • Utilize a visual map to locate the event venue and review any special instructions
  • RSVP with a single click to confirm attendance
  • Indicate the number of additional guests accompanying you
  • Leave comments for event organizers
  • Engage with event organizers and other invitees through posts
  • Modify RSVP responses within the invitation until the RSVP deadline date
  • Engage in direct communication with event members and invitees to receive prompt answers to questions
  • Use at-mentions to send notifications directly to specific members or guests
  • Acknowledge messages with a single click by liking them, triggering a notification indicating your acknowledgment
  • Attach documents, images, media, and AppShare direct links to any record, both from and to any Appward app
  • Double-click attached files to enlarge documents, images, or media
  • Edit your message by clicking the pencil icon if you need to modify or update your note
  • Authors of posted messages can delete their own comments
  • Use the built-in timer to log time spent working on each planning task
  • Start, Pause and Stop buttons for automatic time stamps of dates and times
  • List view of each time a planning member has logged time working on a task Quickly see a complete total of hours, minutes and seconds spent
  • Manage all files associated with each event without having to look through various locations to gather necessary information
  • Store documents, images or other media-rich files that are affiliated with an overall event and each planning task
  • Select and upload files directly from your computer and store them within the Special Events record file
  • Access the Appward cloud file explorer and select files from organizational, personal and public folders
  • Link files from Appward’s Document system via Documents
  • Edit and change files after uploading
  • Download files directly to your computer
  • Use arrow keys to organize files Popout file into its own window to view it at scale
  • Take and log notes directly within an event to keep information in context
  • Organize notes within folders for quick navigation
  • Use the HTML editor to format notes and highlight key information accordingly
  • Create notes with the drawing tool for a quick visual concepting of ideas Deleted notes are auto-stored in a Deleted Items folder for retrieval if needed

Easily manage the planning of company events to deliver successful and memorable experiences.