Gather feedback from your employees and customers with Surveys, designed to give participants a clean, media-rich experience for taking surveys created in Survey Director. Deliver surveys to your organization that are easily accessible in any web browser. Increase your response rate with email, notifications and automated reminders. When your survey is complete, take action on results with data automatically connected to the Contacts and Employees apps.

Easy participation with notifications and reminders to keep your survey top of mind

  • Employees receive invitations through in-app Notifications so they can respond within the Appward platform
  • Personalized email invitations sent to external participants with invitation links that open Surveys in any major web browser
  • Automatic reminders sent to invitees who haven’t responded

Deliver a premium survey experience

  • Survey questions in multiple-choice or written response format
  • Include text, images and video to create a rich content experience
  • Define questions as optional or required
  • Gather feedback or comments from recipients after a survey is taken

Surveys App Features

  • Check your email or Notifications within the Appward platform for survey invites
  • External participants, simply click on the survey link in the email invite to open it in any web browser
  • Internal participants can access the survey in the Notification bar and start the survey directly within the Appward platform
  • Get prompted to answer multiple choice or written response questions
  • View images or videos directly in the survey
  • Navigate through questions by clicking the next button
  • Visually see how many questions you’ve answered compared to how many are remaining
  • Submit your answers to have your response included in the results
  • After submission, provide feedback or comments if available
  • Appward users can access and view all their past surveys
  • View details such as the date the survey was created and completed
  • See who created the survey and when it was created
  • Look back at answers provided to past surveys
  • Sort surveys by creation or sent date, status or title
  • Zero in on individual surveys via type, status title or survey description
  • Filter by survey creator and when it was sent

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