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Using the Help Center in your workspace

Tuesday March 26, 2024-2 min read

The Help Center provides information from Appward and also from your own organization.     

Knowledge at your finger tips

Click any row and the screen will quickly expand to show you the specific article or FAQ.   Click again to collapse the view.

“Appward articles” tab

This tab shows articles written by Appward for the platform and apps.  You can search for specific articles or you can filter by the specific app or type of content.  

“Our articles” tab

This tab will show any company or organization articles that have been created.  This is a great way to expose knowledge across your organization.

“Appward tours” tab

This tab will show all interactive tours for the Appward workspace and apps.   

When you start a tour, Appward will automatically open the specific app and give you a walk-through.    Note: If it’s an overview tour, it will only open the app and show the Overview document.

Our tours

The Our Tours tab is used to show tours created by people in your own company or organization using the Tours app.  This is useful for custom-created organization apps or for adding additional tours to existing Appward apps. 


The FAQ tab is used to show FAQ articles on the workspace and apps.  Appward continuously adds new FAQ content depending on recent questions by customers. 

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