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What is the Deletions app used for?

Wednesday February 28, 2024-2 min read

What is Deletions used for?

Deletions in Appward is a critical tool designed to serve as a record recovery system for all Appward applications.

How does it work?

Deletions is your safety net for accidentally deleted records, providing you with the ability to recover any deleted record from any Appward application within a five day period.

Key Features:

  1. Record Recovery: With Deletions, you can restore any accidentally deleted record from any Appward application. Whether it’s a contact from the Contacts app or a card from the Boards app, Deletions has you covered.

  2. Visibility into Deleted Records: Deletions allows you to see what the deleted record was, who deleted i, and from which app it was deleted. 

  3. Time Limit: Deleted records are retained in Deletions for a period of five days, giving you ample time to initiate the recovery process. After this time frame, the record is permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

  4. Comprehensive Coverage: Deletions seamlessly integrates with all Appward applications, ensuring that no matter where the record was deleted from, you can retrieve it with ease.

  5. User-Friendly Interface: The interface of Deletions is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it simple for users to locate and recover deleted records quickly and efficiently.

Why is it important?

Deletions is essential because it provides a safety net for accidental deletions, ensuring that valuable records are not lost permanently. Here’s why it matters:

  • Accident Prevention: Mistakes happen, but Deletions ensures that even if a record is accidentally deleted, it can be recovered quickly and easily.

  • Data Integrity: By offering a record recovery system for all Appward applications, Deletions helps maintain the integrity and completeness of your organization’s data.

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that deleted records can be recovered within a five-day window provides peace of mind and confidence in the data management processes.

In summary, Deletions is a crucial tool for maintaining data integrity and ensuring that accidental deletions do not result in permanent data loss. It provides a reliable solution for record recovery across all Appward applications. 

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