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Are there any tools or services available to assist with data import?

Tuesday March 26, 2024-1 min read

Appward offers helpful tools and services to streamline data import processes. Firstly, there’s the Getting Started feature, specifically designed to assist new organizations in onboarding seamlessly. This feature helps import essential company details like Departments, Positions, Companies, Contacts and Employees into their respective apps. You can choose from a default list provided by Appward or add your own custom data.

Secondly, there’s the Importers app, a powerful tool for bulk data import. This app allows you to efficiently import large quantities of data via spreadsheets. You have full control over what data you import and how you want to utilize it, whether it’s creating Employees, Departments, Leads or other records.

If you require any assistance throughout the data import process, you can easily reach out to Appward support. They’re available via phone at (818) 833-0088 or through email at With these user-friendly tools and support services, Appward simplifies the data import process, ensuring a smooth transition for your organization. 

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