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Articles FAQs

Appward's Articles app is designed to centralize your company's knowledge base and provide a robust platform for creating, organizing, and sharing engaging content.

Organization Articles

Organization articles are created and shared exclusively within your company. These articles offer a valuable way to preserve and share knowledge, ensuring everyone in your organization has access to important information when they need it.

Appward Articles

Appward articles, provided by the Appward team, include templates, guides, best practices, FAQs, and other resources. These articles are accessible to all organizations using Appward but can only be edited, added, or removed by a member of the Appward team.

Yes, you can improve your article by adding images and videos, making your content more engaging and informative.

Tags are keywords assigned to articles to help categorize and improve searchability. They help you quickly find related articles on specific topics.

Yes, you can collaborate on an article with team members across your organization by ticking the Global Edit checkbox in your article's settings. 

You can create various types of articles, including guides, FAQs, best practices, templates, and knowledge base articles, tailored to meet your organization's needs. 

At the top of each article, you'll find buttons that enable you to share the article, print it as a PDF, or download it. When you choose to share, a link will be generated for you to easily distribute to others.

Yes, you can create private articles that will only be visible to you. You can do so by ticking the Private checkbox during the creation process of your article.

You can track changes made to an article by accessing the History tab. This feature allows you to view detailed records of who made each change, what the changes were, and when they occurred.