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  • Getting Started with Actions - Appward's Actions app makes it easy for teams to manage tasks smoothly, ensuring everyone stays on the same page, takes responsibility, and tracks progress effortlessly. It simplifies handling your daily tasks or intricate processes with clear visibility.

Announcement Director

  • Getting Started with Announcement Director - Important messages can easily get lost in email inboxes, especially during busy times. Announcement Director, in conjunction with Announcements, tackles this problem by sending messages and reminders directly to people in your organization. This guide will walk you through the process of creating, dispatching, and ensuring that your announcements are seen by the intended audience.


  • Getting Started with Announcements - Whether it's a message concerning a work assignment or an activity aimed at building team cohesion, announcements play a pivotal role in enhancing communication and laying the foundation for strong relationships within your team. Announcements, alongside Announcement Director gives your organization the ability to ensure strong communication between the people in your organization.


  • Getting Started with Articles - Articles is an app designed to centralize your company's knowledge base while providing a platform for creating engaging content. With Articles, you can manage your article repository, providing users the ability to discover and contribute to new publications with ease.


  • How do I create a new Board? - To create a new board, start by click the + button at the top of the app. Once you’ve named your board and provided a brief description, you’ll have the option to add board lists. These are the columns of your board to help you organize your tasks. You can think of them as different...
  • What is a Board? - A Board contains a list of tasks, organized into columns that usually represent their status in terms, such as: Pending, In Progress and Complete. This visual approach to project management is commonly referred to as a Kanban. Boards help organizations visualize the work required for a project, collaborate together to get it done and track progress during...
  • Who in my organization would use the Boards app? - The Boards app is not exclusive to certain roles or departments; it’s for everyone, from the top brass to the newest recruit. Whether you’re a team leader coordinating projects, a marketer managing campaigns or an individual organizing personal tasks, Boards empowers your entire organization to stay organized, manage its initiatives and orchestrate productivity at every...
  • What is the Boards app used for? - What is a Board? A Board, in the context of project management, is a visual representation of tasks and their statuses. Think of it as a digital whiteboard where you can organize tasks into columns or lists, with each task represented by a card. Boards help teams visualize their workflow, track progress and collaborate effectively...
  • Getting Started with Boards - Boards is Appward's central project management system. This guide will cover every aspect of Boards, from creating new boards to creating cards and transferring them from list to list for an organized workflow.


  • Getting Started with Calendars - Calendars is an app designed to help you keep track of yours and your colleague's busy schedules and improving overall time management. You can utilize Calendars unified interface to add events and switch between monthly, weekly, and daily views. In this guide we'll cover how to add events, calendars, and navigate the entire Calendars app.


  • Getting Started with Companies - The Companies app is a valuable tool for organizing your organization's business relationships when working with external partners, clients or suppliers. This guide will cover how to add, view and edit a company, as well as how to qualify a company as a vendor/customer and use the Frontline Features of companies.
  • How to Add a Company to a Record - In several applications such as Contacts, Leads, Ticket Director and more, there is an option to add the company that the record is linked to. This guide will give you a quick walkthrough of how to use the company selector so that you can add companies to records with ease.


  • Getting Started with Contacts - Contacts is an app used to manage your connections with other people whether they are employees, sales leads, competitors or anyone else. This guide will cover how to add, view and edit a contact, as well as how to use the Frontline Features of contacts and some additional features such as archiving and deleting records.


  • Getting Started with Conversations - Welcome to Conversations – a tool for conducting and maintaining records of interactions with your team, partners, customers and vendors. In this guide, we'll walk you through each style of Conversation, how to use and track each style and go over how Conversations is used across numerous Appward apps.


  • Getting Started with Documents - Documents is designed to help you create a comprehensive library of documents and media assets essential for everyday operation of your organization. Fully integrated with the Appward platform, your documents can be accessed from any app securely and efficiently.


  • Using Follows - Introduction In most Appward applications, Follows play a crucial role in keeping users informed about specific records and content. When you choose to follow a record, you will receive direct notifications from Appward triggered by selected activities associated with that particular record. With the Follows app, you can conveniently monitor and manage your follows in...


  • Getting Started with Forums - With Appward's Forums app, organizations can simplify communication through our centralized platform. Employees can coordinate and engage in discussions within main forums, sub-forums, or through direct messaging.


  • Getting Started with Insights - Insights bring your organization's data to life. You can create customized views for any topic, keeping track of the information that matters most. This guide covers everything you need to know about Insights, from creating them to sharing with your team, and how they can help you extract valuable information from your apps.


  • Getting Started with Meetings - Meetings is designed to help you efficiently arrange scheduled gatherings with well-defined details regarding topics, goals and agendas, ensuring that attendees are well-prepared and in sync even before the meeting commences.


  • Getting Started with Notes - This guide will cover everything you need to know about the app including how to add and organize notes, compose the perfect note and share your notes with your team.


  • Getting Started with Whiteboards - The Whiteboards app introduces a digital platform that mirrors the functionality of traditional whiteboards. This app integrates with many of the apps in the Appward ecosystem, offering a versatile and dynamic space for brainstorming and teamwork. Easily switch between various tools, such as sketching, adding text, creating shapes, and adjusting elements, fostering a fluid and intuitive collaborative experience. Whether working remotely or in a physical space, the Whiteboards app facilitates efficient communication, idea visualization, and project management.