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Using Follows

Friday January 5, 2024-5 min read


In most Appward applications, Follows play a crucial role in keeping users informed about specific records and content. When you choose to follow a record, you will receive direct notifications from Appward triggered by selected activities associated with that particular record. With the Follows app, you can conveniently monitor and manage your follows in a centralized location.

Following a record

Features of the Follows app are directly implemented into many of the apps in the Appward ecosystem.

Boards – With Appward Boards, you can easily organize and track tasks using a user-friendly Kanban-style board integrated with a robust project management system. You can share documents, collaborate in real-time with communication posts, and establish automations for timely task management. For more on Boards, please check out our Getting Started with Boards guide.

Typically, within an app, you’ll see a Follow button positioned in the upper right corner of the screen, specifically within the details of a record. For this example, we’ll take a look at how you can follow a board within the Boards app.

Upon clicking the Follow button, you’ll be shown a popup where you can select the activities that will trigger the follow notification that gets directly sent to the side dock in your workspace.

You can follow a record in different ways. Notifications will be triggered upon your selection of specific actions. These options differ from app to app. Let’s cover the options available specifically for a Board.

Select All – Select all the available options.

Progress Change – The status change of a card. The name of the status varies depending on the board you are viewing.

Move Card – When a card gets moved from one part of the board to another. As an example, a card can get moved from “Working” to “Completed”.

Add Card – Notification will trigger when a card gets added to the specific board you are following.

After selecting notification preferences and submitting, the Follow button turns green, indicating active board following.

Viewing follows within the Follows app

You can also view your organization’s follows within the Follows app itself. To get to the Follows app, simply navigate to the Productivity section of the main navigation bar and select Follows.

This will bring up the main screen of the Follows app, where you can view your organization’s follows.

You can view the specifics of the follow directly in the pane, or by clicking on it to access its details flyout. 

ObjectID – ObjectID refers to the unique identifying number of the follow record.

Object Type – In Object Type, you can view the categorization of the object being followed(e.g., boards and cards).

Activities tracked – The specific activities that the follower of the record is tracking. 

Follower – The image and name of contact from your organization who followed the record.

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