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Labor Tracking


  • Getting Started with Drawings - In Appward, drawings refer to detailed technical documents that provide visual representations of a product or component. Drawings are used to communicate design specifications, manufacturing requirements, and assembly instructions to engineers, designers, manufacturers, and suppliers involved in the production process.


  • Getting Started with Inventory - Appward’s Inventory app is a centralized interface for managing your inventory and providing up-to-date visibility of the products and components across your organization. Track any inventory, big or small, to ensure that you are always sitting at optimal stock levels. With this app, you’ll be ready to track everything coming in and out of your stock and make well-informed decisions for the future.


  • Getting Started with Parts - Appward's Parts app streamlines the process of managing your inventory, offering a user friendly solution for effective part tracking. With Parts, you gain a dynamic, teal-time overview of all the parts in your inventory. This visibility extends to how these parts are utilized across your operations.

Work Order Director

  • Getting Started with Work Order Director - Work Order Director is a companion app to Work Orders. While your production team uses Work Orders to tackle their assigned tasks, think of Work Order Director as the app for overseeing and streamlining the whole process. This guide will cover everything you need to know from creating work orders to adding individual steps and releasing them to your workforce to get work done. 

Work Orders

  • Getting Started with Work Orders - Work Orders is an application for tracking and managing the work assignments within your organization. This guide will cover how to navigate the app and complete a work order from start to finish.