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Getting Started with Surveys

Wednesday December 13, 2023-8 min read


The Surveys app, along with Survey Director, is a set of apps that improves the process of creating and managing surveys for your organization. Effortlessly share surveys within your team, enabling access through any web browser while boosting response rate through emails, notifications, and reminders.

Let’s get started

To access the Surveys app, navigate to the People section in the main navigation bar and select Surveys.

When the app first opens, you’ll be greeted by the main app screen. There are a host of available tabs , let’s go over their features.

Note: If you have not been assigned a survey from the Survey Director app, this screen will be empty.

Pending – Upon launching the app, you’ll find yourself on the default tab called Pending. This tab provides you with a comprehensive overview of surveys that have been specifically assigned to you through the Survey Director app. This ensures that you can easily identify and manage the surveys that require your attention, facilitating an efficient approach to survey participation and completion.

Completed – In this tab, you can review a list of surveys that you have successfully completed. This section provides a convenient way to track your survey history and ensures transparency in monitoring your progress and contributions to the survey.

Insights – This tab is designed for analyzing data from your organization’s surveys. With Insights, you can uncover and make use of valuable information related to survey types, response rate, and result analysis. To learn more about Insights, please refer to our guide Getting Started with Insights

How to view and complete a survey

To view or complete a survey that has been assigned to you, simply click on the record to access its details.

This will trigger the details flyout to open for the survey. Let’s go over the fields displayed in this view.

Session Title – When sending out surveys from the Survey Director app, they will be sent out as sessions. This means that the same survey can be used in multiple sessions at the same time, making it so that surveys can be reused and resent by multiple people. In Session Title, you can see the title assigned to the session by the individual who sent out the survey.

Type – The survey you are viewing is categorized by its Type. Visually, a type is a label with a custom name, color, and image that can be assigned to a survey record. Types not only provide your organization with a way to organize your data, but a flexible, customizable system that suits the needs of your business. For more on Types, please check out our Using Types guide.

Parent Survey Title – The Parent Survey Title is the name of the original survey created in Survey Director. It’s important to note that this is not the same as the session title, because sessions are copies of the original that can be modified to fit the requirements of the survey at the time of sending them out. You can think of the parent survey title as the name of the original survey.

Description – The Description field provides a detailed explanation of the survey’s purpose, objectives, and any relevant information. It offers participants a clear understanding of why the survey was sent out.

Creator – In Creator, you can see the image and name of the contact responsible for creating and designing the survey. 

Sent By – This field displays the name and image of the contact responsible for sending out the survey session to you and other recipients involved.

Start Survey – After receiving a survey, you can start completing the questions by pressing the Start Survey button.

This will bring up the questions and answers and will record the results based on your input.

Questions & Answers – In the Your answers field, you can see your personal responses to the survey questions presented.

Viewing completed surveys

To view your completed surveys, navigate to the Completed tab at the top of the app screen.

In this tab you can select a completed survey to view its details. Doing so will present you with a details flyout, reminding you of the specifics of a survey.

You’ll notice that there is a results tab. This tab will only be visible to the surveyor, to keep responses concealed when necessary

Frontline Features of Surveys

Posts – A post is a comment which can be replied and reacted to by other users in your organization. In Surveys, it is commonly used to pose questions or to quickly remind colleagues about completing a survey. Posts can take on a formal or informal tone based on the context in which they are used.

Additional Features of Surveys

Help – Look for the help button in the majority of apps on Appward. It offers tours and valuable information created to assist you in navigating through the app. These tours serve as interactive step-by-step guides tailored for the application you’re using. Utilizing tours can enhance your onboarding experience, providing a user-friendly and effective solution.  

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