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  • Getting Started with Departments - This guide is designed for the administrators who handle the creation and management of departments within your company. It will cover features such as adding new departments, viewing and editing the employees and positions of each department and how to archive or delete unused departments.


  • Getting Started with Employees - Employees is an app for streamlining all employee-related data and processes. With Employees, you can quickly access and update your team's information, reduce the time and effort required to complete routine administrative tasks, and maintain the integrity of sensitive employee information.


  • Getting Started with Expenses - Effective expense management is crucial for financial control and timely reimbursements. Outdated systems create administrative burdens and increase the risk of oversight. With the Expenses app, Employees can easily list expenses, attach receipts, and create reports.


  • Getting Started with Goals - The Goals app is an individualized growth-tracking tool that encourages productivity and professional development through planned-out objectives. With Goals, you can manage your and your team's short and long-term objectives while keeping track of every detail along the way.


  • Getting Started with Positions - Positions offers a comprehensive job management solution that helps you manage job descriptions, roles, departmental objectives, and training prerequisites all in one place. Leveraging positions with your organizational framework can pave the way for your business's success.

Progress Reports

  • Getting Started with Progress Reports - The Progress Reports app streamlines the creation, management, and administration of progress reports for your organization. Whether it's an employee's annual review or a financial report for your company, Progress Reports has you covered. In this guide, we'll walk you through the entire process of creating and managing your reports to ensure they are tailored to your specific needs.


  • Getting Started with Recruiting - Recruiting is an app designed to simplify your company's hiring process and streamline candidate management with a centralized job-posting, applicant-tracking, and approval-processing solution. With Recruiting, you can track your company's open roles and collaborate seamlessly with your colleagues throughout the hiring process.


  • Getting Started with Reviews - The Reviews app is designed to unify all steps of the performance review process for your employees. With Reviews, you can provide feedback on your employees' overall performances and have them undergo standard evaluations to ensure they are performing well.


  • Getting Started with Shoutouts - The Shoutouts app gives you and your colleagues a platform for acknowledging hard work and accomplishments. With Shoutouts, everyone in the company can contribute to a healthy and thriving work environment by actively showing recognition to each other.


  • Getting Started with Skills - The Skills App is designed to offer thorough insight into employees' skill sets, simplifying the process of determining their areas of expertise. With Skills, you can effectively address these obstacles, improve decision-making, and fully harness your workforce's capabilities.


  • Getting Started with Suggestions - The Suggestions app is like a suggestion box for your team. It's a simple way for employees to share their ideas to make things better at work. This guide will cover everything you need to know about the Suggestions app including how to create a suggestion, set up a suggestion budget, request approval for the suggestion and execute on an approved suggestion.

Survey Director

  • Getting Started with Survey Director - The Survey Director app, paired with Surveys, empowers you to gather feedback efficiently, equipping you with necessary insights for making well-informed, data-driven decisions. Engaging with both your employees and customers constitutes an important aspect of understanding and improving your business. In this guide, we'll cover the process of creating, deploying, and managing surveys.


  • Getting Started with Surveys - The Surveys app, along with Survey Director, is a set of apps that improves the process of creating and managing surveys for your organization. Effortlessly share surveys within your team, enabling access through any web browser while boosting response rate through emails, notifications, and reminders.

Time Off

  • Getting Started with Time Off - Time Off is an app for both employees and managers to streamline and simplify the entire leave management process. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Time Off including how to create a new request, approve a request, configure the settings of the app and generate PDF reports of employee time off.


  • Getting Started with Training - Training is a companion app to Training Director. While Training Director is used to create and manage training courses, Training is used by employees to take those courses. This guide will provide a walkthrough of the different features of the Training app and how a user can get the most out of their training experience.

Training Director

  • Getting Started with Training Director - Ensuring that your team has the skills to execute on a daily basis starts with great training. Using the Appward Training Director app, you can create and evaluate custom-made training courses tailored to your team's needs.


  • Getting Started with Wages - Inconsistent pay can harm a business, causing unhappy employees, high turnover, and financial losses. It's crucial to address this to keep your team happy, stable, and make better financial choices. With Appward's Wages app, you can customize base rates for company positions, aligning them with industry standards, internal equity, or performance metrics to match your organizational goals.