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How to Add a Company to a Record

Monday September 25, 2023-7 min read


In several applications such as Contacts, Leads, Ticket Director and more, there is an option to add the company that the record is linked to. This guide will give you a quick walkthrough of how to use the company selector so that you can add companies to records with ease.

Let’s get started

Let’s take a look at an example in Contacts. When you are either adding or editing a contact record, you’ll see a field similar to the one pictured below for adding a company.

Here’s another example of a company selector in when adding a new lead in Leads.

Clicking on the external link icon next to the company field will open a popup for either selecting a company from your existing companies or adding a new company.

If you want to search from your list of added companies, you can use any of the filters at the top of this screen – Company Name, Division and Tags to quickly find the one you’re looking for.  

If the company doesn’t exist yet, you can add it by clicking the + Add Company button at the top of the popup. This will open a popup for adding the new company’s details. Let’s go over each page of this process. 

1. Company Details 

Company name – The name of the company goes here.

Company division – If the company belongs to a specific division, you can indicate that with a company division.

Type of company – A company can be categorized into a type. You can either make a selection from the existing types or add a new type. 

Customer/vendor – These checkboxes can be used to indicate whether the company in relation to your organization is a customer, a vendor or both.

Company website – If the company has a website, you can indicate that here.

Company logo – For a better visual representation of the company, you can add in a logo from either your computer or the Appward file explorer.

2. Contact Information

Company Phone Numbers – Phone numbers can be added to a company by inputting the name of the phone number (Main, Work, Mobile, etc.) and the number itself. You can add as many phone numbers as desired with the + button next to Company Phone Numbers or remove any by clicking the – button next to the number you want to delete.

Company Email – Emails can be added with the same process as adding in phone numbers. You can add as many emails as desired.

Products and/or services of company – For more context into the company, you can include the products and services that they provide with this section.

3. Company Address 

Location (building) of company – This is the name of the location such as Main Building or Second Office.

Address of location – Here is where you’d input the address of the location. 

Special shipping instructions – If there are any special shipping instructions associated with this location, you can indicate that here.

4. Company Tags

Add tags – Similar to Lead tags, you can specify company tags to categorize the company for better organization and searchability. 

Click the Submit button at the bottom of the Add company popup to add the new company, then select it from the list of companies. To confirm the selection, click Select at the bottom of the screen.

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