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What is the Development Tracker app used for?

Wednesday February 28, 2024-2 min read

What is scripting?

Scripting refers to the process of writing code to automate tasks or perform specific actions within software applications. In the context of the Appward platform, scripting involves writing code to customize the behavior of applications, create new features or integrate with external systems. Scripting allows developers to extend the functionality of the platform and tailor it to meet the unique needs of their organization. With the Development Tracker, you can track all changes made to these scripts, ensuring that development activities are well-documented and transparent. 

What is the Development Tracker used for?

The Development Tracker app in Appward is a powerful tool designed to keep track of all script and screen development activities within the Appward platform.

How does it work?

The Development Tracker provides full traceability of scripting and development changes by capturing important details such as when a change was made, who made the edit, the amount of time spent on development and the specifics of the change itself.

Key Features:

  1. Change Tracking: You can see whenever a change is made to an Appward script or screen, ensuring that every modification is documented for future reference.

  2. User Identification: The Development Tracker identifies who made each edit, allowing you to quickly find out who is responsible for specific changes.

  3. Development Metrics: It tracks the amount of time spent on each script or screen development, giving insights into project timelines and resource allocation.

  4. Detailed Change Descriptions: For each change, you get a description from the developer, explaining the purpose and scope of the modification.

  5. Object Specifics: The tracker provides information on the particular object affected by the change, including the Appward object class name, quick script, object path and the actual new script.

Why is it important?

The Development Tracker is essential for ensuring accountability, transparency, and efficiency in script and screen development within the Appward platform:

  • Accountability: By identifying who made each change, the Development Tracker encourages accountability and responsibility among developers.

  • Transparency: It provides a clear and detailed history of development activities, allowing stakeholders to understand the evolution of scripts and screens over time.

  • Efficiency: With quick access to development metrics and detailed change descriptions, users can quickly search for specific changes and understand their impact without needing deep technical knowledge.

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