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If you’re a small business and are ready to take your business to the next level by modernizing and digitizing your manufacturing operations, then Appward is the perfect solution for you. The Appward platform, along with 80+ purpose-built apps, delivers a powerful, easy-to-use job shop software system that gives you all the tools you need to supercharge your entire business at an affordable price.

With Appward, not only do you get a comprehensive toolset for managing projects, work orders, inventory, quality and supply chain, you also have an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to set up without the need of a costly implementation team. Plus, these apps are part of a unified workspace built for business collaboration across your entire organization.

Now, your messaging, documents, employee management, support tickets and more are all connected so you don’t need to jump between platforms just to find the information you need.

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Appward Job Shop Software Comprehensive Workspace

A comprehensive MRP workspace

Gain real-time visibility into ongoing projects and work orders with Appward job shop software to monitor progress closely, identify potential issues early, and take proactive measures to keep production on track. Centralizing all essential work orders, projects, and drawings helps maintain organization to ensure that tasks are prioritized appropriately, reducing confusion and minimizing delays, ultimately resulting in higher-quality outputs and improved operations.

Work Orders

Work orders are the lifeblood of manufacturing companies, serving as the roadmap for production.  With Appward Work Order Director, you can optimize costs, labor allocations, scheduling, material certifications, inspections and more.

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Manufacturing projects can include a lot of moving parts, including complex schedules, proposals, revisions, budgets, support agreements and a lot of documentation. With Appward Projects, you have all the  tools needed to orchestrate schedules, align resources, track business operations and maintain complete traceability to deliver on your customer promises with total reliability.

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Managing drawings and varying releases creates challenges can make it difficult to ensure you’re working with the correct version and spec of the job. With the Appward Drawings app, you can centralizes and easily manage all your drawings and revisions. Link drawings directly to any project, work order, or sales order within the Appward platform, guaranteeing an efficient manufacturing process that upholds accurate product standards.

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Appward Job Shop Software - Inventory Control

Complete inventory control 

Ensure efficient material management with job shop software that provides real-time visibility into parts utilization, cost history and inventory tracking of in-stock and received items. Mitigate inventory discrepancies, optimize resource allocation, and maintain project momentum.

Appward Job Shop Software - Inventory


Create and define a comprehensive part library that will be used in your inventory, engineering, and manufacturing processes. With Appward Parts, you can assign and search by custom attributes and include part documentation for ease of understanding.

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Maintain visibility of inventoried part levels with a transaction history of everything coming in and going out using Appward Inventory. Get full traceability of parts by tracking dates received, material certifications, lots, storage locations and remnant control.

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Appward Job Shop Software - Sourcing and Distribution

Simplify sourcing and distribution 

Adopt a centralized method for approving purchase requests, order management and monitoring deliveries in a single job shop software workspace. Easily keep everyone up to date to facilitate smooth coordination, providing easy access to key details for strategic decision-making and resource allocation, simplifying operations, reducing interruptions, and improving overall workflow.

Appward Job Shop Software - Purchase Requests
Appward Job Shop Software - Purchase Orders
Appward Job Shop Software - Receiving
Appward Job Shop Software - Shipping
Appward Job Shop Software - Deliveries

Purchase Requests

Purchase Requests simplifies and standardizes material purchasing requests generated through Projects, Work Orders, or employees. By centralizing requests, it ensures quick approvals and seamless tracking.

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Purchase Orders

Easily manage all purchasing activities with immediate access to crucial information like PO numbers, order descriptions, and payment terms. Appward Purchase Orders app ensures accuracy and accountability throughout the purchasing workflow.

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Manage the receipt of materials from vendors with Appward Receiving, including receiving inspections and material certifications.

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Appward Shipping manages the inspection, packaging and shipping of products to your customers and vendors. It also includes built-in integration with FedEx and UPS for tracking packages.

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Give receiving personnel the tools to manage and track vendor truck visits and drop-offs at your facility using Appward Deliveries.

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Appward Job Shop Software - Compliance

Get compliant and stay compliant

Incorporate Quality in everything you do with purpose-built apps that make it easy for you to manage and track product and manufacturing quality, including compliance to ISO 9000 and other quality systems. Document NCRs and implement corrective action on the fly with full traceability to meet your customer’s requirements.

Appward Job Shop Software - Problems
Appward Job Shop Software - Certifications


Document and manage NCRs and other process-related issues in your organization using the Appward Problems app. Then manage and execute the disposition and the root cause analysis to improve processes moving forward.

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Document any corrective actions or continuous improvements within your organization using a comprehensive solution for managing changes. Used in both manufacturing and general operations, Changes gives you the tools to effectively manage every improvement task to completion.

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With the Certifications app, you can manage and track vendor material certifications from receiving all the way through manufacturing, providing a fully traceable material system.

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Maintain and improve quality standard using Appward Inspections, where you can manage receiving inspections as well as in-process inspections generated through your work orders.  Customize the inspection process with easy step by step operations using the built-in checklist creator.

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Establish and track wellness-checkup of your systems and processes. The Audits app makes it easy to define and configure periodic audits, with custom checklists, result generation, scoring and corrective action.

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