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How can I limit which apps users can access?

Tuesday March 26, 2024-1 min read

To limit which apps users can access in Appward, you can use the Roles app found under the Utilities category. There are two ways to limit the apps of users:

  1. Roles management

    • Create specific roles with pre-set lists of available apps. Define the apps each role can access according to their responsibilities and permissions.
    • Assign users to these roles based on their roles and responsibilities within the organization.
  2. Utilize the Contacts tab to tailor app access for specific users

    • Navigate to the individual user’s profile within the Contacts app.
    • Customize their access to apps according to their role, responsibilities and specific needs.
    • Adjust their access rights by enabling or disabling access to specific apps as required.

By leveraging the Roles app and the Contacts app, administrators can effectively control and limit which apps users can access within Appward. This granular control ensures that users have access only to the tools and functionalities necessary for their roles, promoting security and efficiency within the organization. 

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