Safety Management System

Safety Management System

Ensuring the safety of your employees is a top priority, and it’s more than just meeting compliance standards—it’s about promoting a safety-first culture. Appward’s Safety Management System apps simplify the tracking and managing of safety processes and incident data. This enables you to take a proactive approach to swiftly resolve problems, reduce workplace incidents and injuries, and prevent incidents from recurring.

Report and collaborate for improved safety

Promptly report workplace accidents or injuries for effective hazard management and risk mitigation. Having clear safety reporting protocols ensures that incidents are accurately documented, enabling quick handling and collaboration. Prioritize timely reporting to foster transparency, promote a safe working environment and maintain regulatory compliance.

Safety Incidents

Handle Safety Incidents efficiently by documenting accidents, injuries, near misses, and policy violations. Comprehensively record incident details and interviews, including photos and injury specifics. Ensure easy communication to stakeholders from production, management, and safety teams, and utilize flexible tagging for trend analysis.

Safety Sheets

A centralized hub to effortlessly track all SDS (Safety Data Sheets) within your organization, ensuring OSHA compliance and full employee accessibility to important information related to the proper usage, storage, and PPE required to work with chemicals and other materials used by your organization.

Getting safer everyday

By using Appward’s continuous improvement apps, your managers and employees will be empowered to look for things that might create injuries and accidents, identify and document those, and then execute on formal changes that will eliminate those future  incidents. The result will be a safety-motivated workforce, and a safer workplace for everyone. 


Your employees will now have a single app to present their safety improvement ideas, seek buy-in and approval from other stakeholders, and execute Changes to completion as a mini project, including notes, posts, budgets, and cost allocations.


Using the Problems app, your employees are encouraged to identify safety-related problems, document them, and discuss them via in-app posts. Through awareness, communication and collaboration, your employees will create meaningful safety measures.

Track safety metrics

Demonstrate a commitment to safety by conducting regular check-ups of safety processes and equipment, and monitoring accidents, near misses, and other safety data to identify any trends for areas of improvement. Implementing ongoing safety measures safeguards employees and contributes to the long-term success and sustainability of the organization.


Most processes will degrade over time, so auditing of processes, people, and equipment is a must for any modern company. Using the Audits app, you can schedule and perform digital checklist audits of fire extinguishers, PPE compliance, blockages and egress problems, and overall safety knowledge of your workforce.


Collect real-time safety metrics to inform decision-making that will improve incident management and safety performance. Utilize Insights to create visualizations to identify incident trends and issues, encouraging proactive changes to processes and procedures for better organizational safety.

Keep your workplace safe and sound

Promote a positive safety culture through regular maintenance on safety processes and equipment for continual improvement in safety management. Offer employees a platform to contribute ideas to strengthen safety practices and facilitate ongoing learning of new safety measures and requirements, ensuring everyone is working towards a safe work environment.


Using Maintenance Director and Maintenance helps keep safety assets and processes in optimal condition to log and maintain safety specifications, track scheduling history, and set reminders.


Encourage input with Suggestions on safety processes, procedures and equipment to boost employee involvement and strengthen a safety-first culture.


Create, evaluate and administer intuitive safety training courses using a complete learning management system with our Training Director and Training apps for onboarding and continuing safety education.

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